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If God is 'Uncreated', then how can we feel his existence? by Dr Zakir Naik
   Dr Zakir Naik
  Published: 4 years ago


Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Agnostic Brother.
If God is 'Uncreated', then how can we feel his existence?

Lecture Name: Ask Dr Zakir (Dubai - Part 2)
Video Code: A.D.ZN_D2_08

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11 hours ago
May Allah bless dr zakir bai more then thousand years ameen

24 hours ago
To be frank he is running out from the question,

1 day ago
So basicly i can do what ever and im always muslim hahah fuck religions use your brain. Yes there is god but not allah or jesus or what ever. Poor brainwashed people

2 days ago
This young man is, too young, n (extremely) (lack) (of) (divine) (knowledge.) This young man with his question, my advice for him is, pray to GOD the FATHER, n GODDESS the MOTHER, for the answer.

3 days ago
Zakir naik can pass UPSCE IAS exam every year if he writes

4 days ago
Islam is great

4 days ago
👕👍 Keep RUNNING... Christain Prince IS waiting to end your Nonsense! 🏃💨

4 days ago
Indus valley civilization and Vedas tell everything......

5 days ago
zero coniction, his answer was so lost! why did he change the whole subject? also why he keeps yelling? I cant understand if you are a spiritual person why would you yell?

6 days ago
Zamzam water is very similar to holy Ganges...and even kaba black stone in mecca is part of the shivling of makkeshwar mahadev..kureshi tribe of mecca were from kuru vansh of india ,which is mentioned in mahaabharat some 5000 years back...before all kureshis were killed on orders of muhammed and their temples and god idols were broken arabia was practising hinduism...recent books excavated in turkey also corrorabates this fact...before 7th century and cult of islam , arabian peninsula was practising hinduism...Al lat , Al maannat and Al ujha were the three goddesses

7 days ago
I think hw should be more nice and calm and explain him in a way he can understand because that can makes the person mad and abandon islam itself. I believe in Dr but the person is looking fpr the truth he must help him. The person is gonna be like" ha he did not even answer me. I do not agree in what he said. It is not logic to me!"

1 week ago
We will never find the right answers and no one is capable of such knowledge. We are all humans , there is no such thing as superpowers , we don’t know , we will never know , we just need to do what we believe ij

1 week ago
12:12 that doesn’t answer the question ...

1 week ago
11:08 that is not a right way to answer questions ...

1 week ago
Why they always say 'before christ' they don't say 'before Muhammad'

1 week ago
Mashallah mashallah video great very interested video

1 week ago
no man are to bow to any other man god is a jealous god just because one studied yhe passed god is bringing in the new now things have never been the way it coming now watch us i am holy of the holies a gift and his my devine family is to come no matter what you all will hear and see truth prepare your selfs and not just a walk thru its truth stop being blinded of what was now its to come amen

1 week ago
Listen the 7 churches of christ jesus do you believe christ would send you a gift and its rejected because of your beliefs think about truth my father johova god is creator of all and jesus is connected and so fourth this is a new beginning and new trust your hearts and not your minds block out the false thoughts listen to your heart it does not mislead the mind does pay attention snd if you cant then prey i will open that door god is truth and will come soon

1 week ago
Mr Zakir Naik, he says Big brother is a sense of a superior existence imagined by people so it is easy for people to control themselves

1 week ago
I dont think zakir naik was genuine in answering that guy's question..

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