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Windows Update DELETING Files!? - The WAN Show Oct 5, 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:00:00 - 3DMark Hall of Fame: Time Spy

00:13:05 - China infiltrated US companies

00:23:40 - Call with Steve

00:28:32 - China (cont.)

00:36:33 - Sponsor: Synergy

00:37:40 - Sponsor: Be Quiet!

00:38:35 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky

00:40:13 - Windows update deleting files

00:45:20 - iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pro systems must pass Apple Diagnostics to function after certain repairs

00:51:27 - Using a CPU's integrated heat spreader as a waterblock
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 weeks ago
14:50 Steve is just a dick..

3 months ago
no one talks about the apple software backdoors yet, like Springboard being backdoored to exfiltrate actions and data..

3 months ago
a little chip to control or disable a board is better than google maps mobile trying to kill you.

3 months ago
Get to the point :/

3 months ago
apple has been giving it's customers the middle finger for at least fifteen years.are you really suprised that they are now giving their customers the middle finger on both hands?

3 months ago
Does anyone have the link to that Sysadmin Job posting that Luke talked about? I know my chances are slim, but I graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied IT in May and I thought i would check it out.

4 months ago
should we be concerned the constantly eating the jerky?
Does it have addictive properties?
(also any of the mojo are amazing!! by the way!!!)

4 months ago
apparently a caller from (telstra) 0258796424.

4 months ago
is the Windows update issue whats now causing my Task scheduler not to work properly and i cant rollback? if so HOW DAFUQ do i fix it

4 months ago
Tractors, look it up :)

4 months ago
Anyone catch the name of the right to repair YouTube "doggy" style

YouTube's CC are amazing.

4 months ago
The lawsuit will be epic

4 months ago
I had windows update on my 7 machine that fucked my MFT and made me have to reimage the machine Ran every test known to man that SSD was fine and the problem was totally logical

4 months ago
Who needs China to screw us over with hardware when Apple is already doing a great job bending us over and asking it's consumers to squeal like a pig.

4 months ago
As someone who never followed overclocking competition, can someone please explain to me why kingpin doesn't count and is so far ahead of everybody else??

4 months ago
touchbar muchbar SHITBAR

4 months ago
If you lose your perosnal files, If you look in users you will see a new account called [Your PC name] - Your account name. it creates a second account when it has some conflict.

4 months ago
Thank f*ck I updated Windows 10 before using it. Apparently only deleted stuff on C Drive, but I did get into panic mode checking my drives. What shocked me was the size of the Windows 10 updates! Cost me a fortune, but it is done now..

4 months ago
where can i find that guide talked about at 41:51 to get out of microsoft's magical la la land of single storage drive pc's

4 months ago
1337 Comments? xD

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