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Intel Killed their OWN Product Lineup
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


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With core counts ever increasing in desktop CPUs, the question has to be asked: Do you even NEED an HEDT CPU anymore?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
😱 SandBagged! 😱

5 days ago
Let's talk Adobe photoshop for a change real work?

1 week ago
I really like this kind of Videos with clearly visible sponsors. And for the very first time I probably get something through it. Nice

1 week ago
This vid came up in my recs and i thought it was a new video, (after Ryzen 3000 happened) due to its title. Oh well, still valid tho xD

1 week ago
Those boots though...

2 weeks ago
i would like to ask intel what a transistor is worth and what the time is worth that it takes to put them together into a cpu.

2 weeks ago
Seems the more I study up, the more confused things get. What about Lenovo Thinkstations w Xeon processors? What ever happened to the days when you used a charged up UPS to give the CPU cleaner, less spiky current? When I did that, most burned disks had less CRC errors and programs ran very smoothly. The UPS micromanaged the current, filling in for whenever it dipped.

2 weeks ago
Thank you AMD for ur awesome products. They are always budget-friendly and still they are competing neck and neck with expensive Intel products.
I think the AMD catching up with Intel will change the market drastically in the future.

3 weeks ago
Ayyy ill get my amd 32 core ecc ayyyy

3 weeks ago
AMD should work tighter with Microsoft to provide better support for those amount of core count. And.. perhaps better IPC for even better gaming support. That way, Intel will compete harder, so all will be better for us, the customers...

3 weeks ago
Still not buying AMD till AE is optimized for Ryzen and until it’s faster. Price is irrelevant to me.

4 weeks ago
Intel: Panicing
Intel: Starting to struggle
Intel: What do we do!?!

4 weeks ago
My first quadcore was the Wolfdale Q6600, my first 8 core is currently the I9 9700K at 1.202V 4.8ghz all cores.
I got a bad skew however I'm happy with my 3Dmark score of 9.9k.

I plan to build a Ryzen system with the 3600 or 3600X for my guest / stream pc

4 weeks ago
Yup I've made the switch. Getting Ryzen when that new gaming chip comes out and a navi.

4 weeks ago
i dont like the term relative performance

4 weeks ago
Is it compulsory to install graphic card with this processor corei7-9700k ? I mean I will install graphic card later ?
Please suggest

1 month ago
AMD absolutely destroyed intel’s rip off racket. Good riddance.

1 month ago

1 month ago
They have been sandbagging your security too.

1 month ago
>telling the jews that they should not take all your money
sure, while you are at it, please tell gravity to stop making things fall to the ground.

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