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Intel Killed their OWN Product Lineup
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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With core counts ever increasing in desktop CPUs, the question has to be asked: Do you even NEED an HEDT CPU anymore?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
Yea...but if you can't afford to buy a new pc every 2 years, you should go with a socket which has more longevity... 2066. That's why it is actually a good idea getting (low tier) X series cpu.

15 hours ago
Good on AMD... finally Intel has had to pull their head our their ass. Intel fanbois hate it or not but props to AMD. The 5% incremental performance increases per generation from Intel and their cash milking ass rape of consumers since sandy bridge was getting old. Finally some offerings worth upgrading to at a reasonable price from my 2600k.

19 hours ago
Why does it feel like I am watching Dr Who?!

20 hours ago
"boot strap start up" ... What a nerd

1 day ago
Just buy Ryzen guys, trust me Ryzen is really good right now.

2 days ago
People still buying intel. You amd fans want cheap products than buy intel g is faster in games as top amd line up.

3 days ago
make -j16?

3 days ago
I've never bought an AMD because Intel has always had the higher single core performance & lower power consumption but I'm glad AMD have knocked them off their pedestal because Intel have been milking their customers and pay-walling features for years. I would happily swap to AMD and Freesync if they could improve their single core speeds which is what matters for gaming so I'm holding off on buying an Intel until the new AMD CPU's come out next year.

4 days ago
I want to make a prediction that the ARM (latter variant on RISC concepts) processors are going to start seeing advances that will go unnoticed. As mobile devices have plateaued in the last few years, I expect that a greater demand on power may develop by the user base. It is a matter of the niche. When US Robotics introduced the Palm Pilot back in the 90's I think most people thought it was a fad. And it was for quite a few years. Enter Apple iPhone. And then palm computing has never been the same. But the hardware today seems to have dwindled. Who wants a phone or table that really hauls butt? I do. I want a tablet that is cost effective and still able to keep up with my 7700 Kaby Lake. And if it is going to run a linux/android os, it will probably be better off on that platform. Me thinks... Any thoughts? It would be sweet to keep up CISC processors at a cheaper by the dozen build process.

4 days ago
Can You give me a ready Gaming PC

4 days ago
Intel is AMERICAN company, and so how dares this CANADIAN leftist loon criticize it? Canada is just jealous, cos they dont know how to make CPUs themselves. Whiny losers.

5 days ago
Zen 2 (Ryzen 3) will not only kill Intel's HEDT lineup, but also its consumer lineup. The gap is about to be closed, 2019 will be a MAJOR year for AMD.

5 days ago
The Intel HEDT plattform is fantastic !
Remember the great Kaby Lake X CPUs, which was the best selling Intel CPU in the last years.
And remember the crippled X299 mainboards with the Kaby Lake X support !
So - HEDT is the only way to go !
Innovation made by Intel.

6 days ago
Can you help steer me towards a new PC gaming/ video recording rig for 2019?? Im currently running a AMD 8350 with 16gigs ddr3, AMD 580 gpu corsair 750 PSU and some HDD, SDD drives.

6 days ago
I wonder how amd and intel compare for virtualization

6 days ago
I hope it isn’t true that Microsoft is going to buy AMD.

6 days ago
So more like AMD killed Intel's product lineup.

6 days ago
Can't thumbs up this video enough. Totally agree with LTT on this one.

6 days ago
Hey I will watch the video, I didn't so far...just got my system back running (had a blue screen after a windows update reboot.... but will my Ryzen 7 2700X soon be "outdated"? I also don't understand why some people or "intel fanboys" I guess always say "You can't really game with AMD". Wtf?! Maybe in some benchmarks intel has better results, but Intel also had much much higher prices and only more performance/speed and the TDP is better, but it improved a lot at ryzen compared to the FX-8320 (the first ones I had before, from 2014, the 8320 had a TDP of 125W I think, now the 2700X has 105W lol, but 16 threads and faster threads and holds them all in turbo if needed, not only 1 core and a 2nd in turbo light like in the FX-8320...AMD really made a great job there and pricing at least here in Germany was very good, already in x-mas 2017 for the "Ryzen 1" the masses who can't afford high-end bought again much from Team Red :D I would like to support AMD too in the future also in GPU, but CPU I think they will have the better price/performance ratio also in the coming years...and a Ryz 7 2700X is really enough performance for a lot of things) per core, before the release everyone said "8 real cores with 16 threads and in 12nm? incl. basic cooler wraith prism? never for a price which is below the current intel CPU's!!!" the Intel alternatives below the (ultra-)highend were i7-7700(k) or 8800(k). Everyone who knows a bit about the stuff bought a "k", but some (cheap) complete systems had the versions without k...I mean all these intel CPU's have also a GPU onboard afaik? But all these guys have a PCI-E iits no wonder that intel is moore expensive without any fans.... (forget which is with fans, the boxed or "unboxed"?!)

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X works for my games so far very well... okay they want to bring out new graphics card, but I don't know if they make it ever back to a level which can compare with Nvidias top modells which are sold for such greedy prices and I think it was "you" who told after a 18 hours (the time Nvidia gave you the card for?! :X) 2070 test before its release that they disabled SLI? Now they stopped production of the 1080 Ti, because in fact its to good, a competition for the 2000-series (if we forget raytracing and all the other features almost no game, or a few single ones support... the 1080 Ti rised up to ~50% in price, average at least 30%+ (new card, they try to sell the remaining cards now for ~1000€, the companies simply made this, maybe Nvidia increased the price for them so that they can't sell really cheaper...

But I can keep my Ryzen 7 2700X for a while or?! Since I said I won't put in a 2nd GPU and also no other M.2 NVMe drives the guy in the shop bought a crappy board, the only thing free would be RAM, I think it would have to be a dual of the same speed or even the exact same company model? I have a dual RAM kit running now, sold as "DDR4 16GB PC 3000 CL 16 ADATA KIT (2x8GB) XPG D40 (XPG is for the LED I guess... what the D40 means I don't know.. but CPU-Z tells me 1333 (=2666 since its DDR...) and 3000 via XMP, thats also the maximum this Board from Gigabyte supports...part number: "DDR4 3000" and a serial number which ends with "0300", can you/the persons in the store which put all parts together change the name or is it produced this way and can't be changed? like the production week I think? The week is 15/18....First timing is 16 (for that is CL or?), I also think he sold me (and many others?) a 3TB HDD only 10€ more expensive than a 1TB, knowing that ~2,2TB is maximum for MBT and they make very much (software) "repairing" or installing windows with partition etc, many people will get problems I guess, I finally made it via cmd.exe and diskpart, but a older woman who doesn't know thaaat much and buys a desktop there? Every time somehow both drives for example have to be formated and are empty again you get a problem with installing windows 10 from a USB stick created via MediaCreationTool or how MS names this... I didn't knew that as in the last years I lost the connection a bit... I have computers for like 25 years the 90's when I was a real small child I got my first (IBM) 386 with 25 MHz and floppy disk A: (1,44MB not the large B: ones)... but in the last years I had many other things and I hope the CPU won't be "outdated" soon? I don't overclock it, as it runs with turbo between ~1,4 and over 4,3 GHz per thread/core if turbo (also sold in the sales contract as "AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 4.35GHZ AM4.........", the Cache is wrong there with 20MB, but this error also existed on some websites or in the selling description of some online sellers in this first "only" has 16MB L3 Cache...

you have to sign and pay a amount, depends how much, I paid around 15% in advance, so he knows its a serious order and he can buy it from the stock, its like a union of small shops, together they are stronger at the wholesale as many things like RAM etc. is a mass product and buying as one company, but for 7 shops and each owner makes his thing, but it brings you an additional discount I guess) before he orders the parts, so you get at least good prices, at least it was for at least 2 decades this way that old things got cheaper and not more expensive than their release price 2 years later or so... I'm happy Ryzen kicks Intel in the ass (I mean in selling numbers, competition, I mean 8C/16T vs a i7-7700k which comes without any cooler more expensive at the time I bought it?! (less than 4 weeks after its release I think I signed the sales contract, the threadripper was also new for the i9 Extreme sector back than with up to 32 Cores or so....

sorry if "offtopic", if you have a video with/for RAM/CPU/MAINBOARD/GPU more all in one I can ask there?! I'm just very unsure...

6 days ago
I understood like 5% of this video

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