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Four Operating Systems on ONE Monitor
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
Ubuntu is so weird and anoying

3 hours ago
HOLY CRAP! literally a solution I've been looking for. I currently run a dual screen setup, but I'm about to build a windows computer for gaming. My desk space is limited and I love my linux, but being able to switch my configuration/setup from screen to screen like a workstation between OSes is perfect! not to mention when I've had to lug my girlfriends computer into my workspace to help troubleshoot when linux drops a driver for no reason would've been a great help!

8 hours ago
Mhm i was expecting to see this done through virtual systems.

14 hours ago
GNU/Linux to be precise ;) #measwell

16 hours ago
could make a video showing the performance of a powerful computer running Windows XP or 98

16 hours ago
ChomeOS in place of Windows 7

19 hours ago
Who else bought Synergy of this video?

21 hours ago
I see you followed my suggestion from an old video about a 4 device input dell monitor

22 hours ago
2:36 maybe your a hacker and you want to know the uk goverments plans

1 day ago
You should utilize virtualization to have 4 operating systems run off of one computer and use that monitor to display them all at once. and use synergy 2, of course.

1 day ago
Awsome man

1 day ago
Isn't there a mouse supporting multiple machines

1 day ago
4 Gamers, 1 CPU, 1 Monitor?

1 day ago
he looks tired

1 day ago
I used Synergy when it was free... it was awesome once you got it configured.

1 day ago
Nothing...absoultly nothing works best on mac!

1 day ago
who djs with only a mac and a headset\?

2 days ago
linux is a biiiiiitttt trickier

2 days ago
Neat, though

2 days ago

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