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Four Operating Systems on ONE Monitor
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
try 4 operating systems 1 case

18 hours ago
Wow, this is really awesome. I have a Windows 7 Pro disc, but currently not installed. It was installed on my Toshiba, but the Motherboard died. I do have Windows 10 on a newer Dell (last year), and I want a Mac, waiting for the I-Mac 2018, and Mac OS Mojave will be available next Monday.

1 day ago

p.s nice nails :o

2 days ago
he is so fucking rich

3 days ago
1 OS is the size of my monitor :D

3 days ago
Great. Even more ways to give yourself ADD.

4 days ago

5 days ago
I bought this monitor but had to return it because it literally hurt my neck from its ridiculous size. But very nice screen

5 days ago
Synergy is currently at V1, not V2 (2.0). Whoops.

5 days ago
i want mac os and windows 10 on one monitor

5 days ago
Activate Windows

5 days ago
NIce features, nice monitor! Is it really useful if you don't want 4 equal sized display parts ... :(?!

5 days ago
Here's a bit of random...

At ~2:30 your workbench wall has what appears to be, not one, but two bolt cutters. I have to admit to being stumped as to why a tech company needs bolt cutters. I've been into computers and IT for over four decades and I cannot think of even one time I've needed bolt cutters... I can hardly wait to hear the reasoning for having them! ;-)

5 days ago
Not sure whether others have tried Synergy products and mentioned here.

If anyone wishes to use their devices using Synergy, just make sure to connect your devices via LAN or else using Synergy using via WiFi is laggy as heck

5 days ago
Is it possible to have windows 7 and windows 10 as an operating system in the same storage or do i need 2 or just not possible?

6 days ago
Install Android instead of windows 7

6 days ago
thats awesome!!! tnx linus!

7 days ago
Synergy: taking open source software, making it as bad as possible, trying to sell said bad software at overinflated price, while offering absolutely no support BUT TAKING YOUR MONEY. Prepare yourselves for a chargeback if you give them money, they will not deliver on their promises.

Stop advertising these people. They can't code. They never could. They likely never will.

If you need an example of a terrible company, look no further: Symless.
Linus loses credibility every time he advertises these scammers.

7 days ago
Make a virtualized version :P

1 week ago
hmmmm... what wouldbe the lece bill be after hmmmmmmmm........ 2 days

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