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Four Operating Systems on ONE Monitor
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 9 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
I'm a graphic designer, and this will work as i can have 4 projects on the go at the same time. I have a very small work area at home, and not lot of room for equipment

1 day ago
Why not simply use a Mouse/Keyboard switch ? Hardware, no driver install..... Ok you can not use mouse directly over all Monitors...keys as well.

2 days ago
umm just get a virutal machine

2 days ago
I have the second one (Windows 10)

4 days ago
can it run crysis?

5 days ago
What is your electricity bill a month

5 days ago
How because it is not a quantum pc

6 days ago
can you do this with 4 VMs on 1 PC?

7 days ago
Need some more Linux tech tips

7 days ago
8 operating system on one laptop |

1 week ago
linus using linux

1 week ago
In theory couldn't you create a tower casing that would fit 4 computers that all can be switched on via 1 button and then you can run 4 different types of os's on the same monitor, and also have a way when you shut down 1 os the other follow suit and shut down.

1 week ago
enerji enerji azcıkta Synergy

1 week ago
linus: "a kvm switch costs a lot if you want modern features" also linus: "we took a really expensive 4k monitor..."

2 weeks ago
why would anyone need this tho

2 weeks ago
Personal experience: Windows 7 > MacOSX > Windows 10 > Any linux distro.

2 weeks ago
or just use virtualmachine

2 weeks ago
MoseWithoutBorders was free :/ 29$ is good tho.

2 weeks ago
I'm not sure if Synergy 2.0 has implemented the missing features yet but if you are a Windows shop exclusively, the Multiplicity app by Stardock Systems may suit your needs.

2 weeks ago
I like that lead, "Linux can be a 'Bit Tricky' " lmao
I thought he was gonna say something else for a moment

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