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Pay Less, Get More.. 2018 is Messed Up - Honor 8X Showcase
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 month ago


Check out the brand NEW #Honor 8X at
Thanks to Honor for sponsoring this video!

Use #CheerForHonor8X on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know what you love about the Honor 8X, and be entered into a giveaway for a chance to win the new Honor Magic 2.

We'll also be picking 2 lucky winners who will receive these Honor 8X devices that we featured in this video!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

13 hours ago
I am using honor 8x and I like it! It great smartphone for budget!

2 days ago
I'd be honored if you gave one to me.

4 days ago
Meanwhile, 1 month later it's still not available, wtf is going on?

5 days ago
Does the 8x work with Canadian Carrier Frequency bands? I've had alot of trouble finding information on that.

7 days ago
wow nice honor 8x at low price
#honor 8x give away

1 week ago
Got mine on the 3rd day after launch!

It's really cool!

Its Face Unlock works even when lights are off; albeit not when your eyes are closed which is a no-brainer considering someone might snoop your phone when you're sleeping.

1 week ago
Honor 8xmax

2 weeks ago
Did Honor tell you to not mention it uses micro usb? lol

2 weeks ago
Probally wasnt THAT much work making it look pretty, it just shows how apple does almost NO work .

2 weeks ago
Hopefully there's nothing important on this card

Linus deletes all family photos

2 weeks ago
So what if it’s sponsored if Linus believes in the product? Honor 8x is a lot of bang for your buck.

2 weeks ago
It has capability to have wifi and hotspot and mobile data ..on parallely? #cheerforhonor8x

2 weeks ago
Its funny how he is reading what to say in the background.

2 weeks ago
also micro usb? come on huawei. broken cables, bent prongs, cables that you have to hold at a certain angle because either the port or the prong, or both, are "worn funny" i'm so deathly sick of micro usb. it makes no sense why the cut costs and didn't go with c.

2 weeks ago
so the honor 8x isn't US compatible? no cdma and no lte? what the fuck. more good phones you can't use in the usa. instead of just getting with the times and using what the rest of the world uses they insist on forcing everyone into their monopoly all in the name of profit. can we move forward please? ffs

2 weeks ago
Mhh actually thinking of buying this phone... Sure, this is an ad, but i genuinely trust linusses reviews... He does not seem like the type of guy who advertises something shit as good.

2 weeks ago
Its runs PUBGM at High settings with High frame rate and it costs ₹14,999 or around $200-250..... With a good display and camera what else do u need at such a low price

2 weeks ago
This, or Redmi Note 6 Pro, hard to choose

2 weeks ago
Its $230

3 weeks ago
honor is a well made phone all respect for Chinese ambition in the global market

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