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Pay Less, Get More.. 2018 is Messed Up - Honor 8X Showcase
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


Check out the brand NEW #Honor 8X at
Thanks to Honor for sponsoring this video!

Use #CheerForHonor8X on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know what you love about the Honor 8X, and be entered into a giveaway for a chance to win the new Honor Magic 2.

We'll also be picking 2 lucky winners who will receive these Honor 8X devices that we featured in this video!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
I got a 10:54 minute ad and no vid wtf?

1 day ago
What sim are u using?

2 days ago
Is this phone review in the us

4 days ago
I spent probably about an entire day trying to get mine to work with T-Mobile to get at least 4g only to find out that the bands are supported practically nowhere in the U.S

1 week ago
P20 / 8X

2 weeks ago
I’m planning to buy an honor 8x anyone got any pros/cons?

2 weeks ago
this is phone is too color aggressive

3 weeks ago
Can you do a review on the Asus Zenfone budget line of there phones . I didn't want to pay for a flag ship price for a phone anymore and got the Asus Zenfone max plus m1 32g unloceked for 340$ in the middle of last year . Would love to see what your thoughts are on them

3 weeks ago
Sponsored by Honor. Yes that pretty much say it all. Camera is literally awful.

3 weeks ago
Stopped watching when I realised it was sponsored by the manufacturer of the phone you are reviewing

3 weeks ago
You look like you just woke up 😂😂😂😂😂

1 month ago
How is that, my 2016 Huawei has USB C...

1 month ago
this phone won't work in usa.

1 month ago
so nokia 7 pocophone f1 or honor 8x

1 month ago
Watching this on my Honor 8X

1 month ago
I have it
Lucky me 😘😅

1 month ago
Everyone saying the 'review' is bad but it got 19k likes

1 month ago
How can i get it im at Dallas

1 month ago
"Honor adex"
imma buy it

1 month ago
i got this phone and love it so far

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