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Welcome to my OG Skin Fortnite Clan (RARE Skins Only)
  Published: 2 months ago


Welcome to my OG Fortnite Skin Clan (Shoutout Lachlan Discord)
Presented by EA | Click the link here to download Command & Conquer: Rivals
- Tune in Jan. 12th @ 7PM PST to watch the C&C:R Launch Celebration at
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
Just to clear things up, the blue knights are OG but I thought they along with black knights were too common (from the results of our poll we could of had 100's of black knights)

1 hour ago
Ogs stand for

4 hours ago
How is royal knight not og but elf is they came out at the same time

6 hours ago
the royal knight is more og than the elf

8 hours ago
Lachlan I have never played with someone good but do you wanna play does

8 hours ago
Sorry I was not playing at that time Lachy because I was sick.but I have recon expert too

23 hours ago
What about black knights

1 day ago
Original gangster

1 day ago
is the camo default og?

1 day ago
Have purple skull trooprr and aeriall assault

1 day ago
Who else saw the black knight at 3:31 lmao

2 days ago
If royal knight isint rare then the elf isint rare so ya

2 days ago
How is Recon Expert the rarest skin? Isn't the renegade raider the rarest skin, You had to be level 25 or 35 to get it. The Recon Expert was just in the shop.

2 days ago
I have recon expert but I don’t have computer I play on Xbox

2 days ago
I’m your biggest fan ever

2 days ago
I’m your biggest fan ever

2 days ago
I love you

3 days ago

4 days ago
Half of these kids know what OG is they all probably found out when season 3 4 5 launched hit read more to know the meaning.

“Original Gangsters”

4 days ago
The royal night is more OG than the elf it came out before the elf 😑

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