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PC Cooling with the Kitchen Sink?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Can you get an incredible water cooling system with $50 and your kitchen sink? It may sound like a super dumb idea, but we thought it was worth a try...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

28 minutes ago
Could you try using mercury or gallium instead of water in the cooling loop? The thermal conductivity is much higher than the one of water.
Propably the pump has to be more powerfull because of the thicker viscosity.

2 hours ago
I need to invest in this my AMD FX 8330 is idling at 97-103 degrees Fahrenheit

3 hours ago
Actually a really clever idea for someone who just wants to do a quick, cheap and easy record bench. The biggest problem is the sudden heat spike where it doesn't matter how cold the water is, the heat just won't tranfer fast enough causing throttling or shutdown.

9 hours ago
I've been following this LMG for many years now and I would argue this is among the funniest videos to date..
Please keep doing things Linus doesn't want you to do behind his back!!

12 hours ago
What if you use a huge reservoir? And make that of aluminum with fins on the side to bleed even more heat?

12 hours ago
Just put your pc in a freezer

16 hours ago
a year ago I pretty much watched only the videos with linus in them, now I gotta acknowledge that your videos are awesome with or without him
good job, always entertaining

19 hours ago
Ok, fine, I'll see what you got behind your clickbait title.

watches insanity unfold

... ok, it wasn't just a clickbait...

23 hours ago
put 20ft of copper tubing in a concreate cellar wall when building a home and hook the copper tubing to the waterpump..the wall is the rad.

23 hours ago
black electrical tape works for water stuff it will stick to itself underwater :) and its flexible :)

1 day ago
Imagine a "River cooled" PC. Free Water to cool your Rig constantly not wasting anything.

1 day ago
I think this could actually work, just get a 1000 liter tank and put up it up high somewhere than just fill it with ground water you pump up from a well. At 150 litres an hour you'd be gaming for over 6 hours before having to fill it and that takes just a few minutes...

Can even the use water afterwards for your plants or animals or whatever.

1 day ago
I'm a week late, but if you ran a water line off the main supply, through the cooling loop, then back to the main, it would constantly have cool water and no waste. Do it!

2 days ago
yeah thats not the greatest i think you need higher pressure

2 days ago
The water pump method is not to far off from my setup, save I use a 55 gallon plastic drum of water in the basement, but I also hit the render button about 200 times a day so....

2 days ago

2 days ago
I thought they would put the MB upside down with cold running water in the sink so that the water would go through the metal fins of the heatsink (obviously with the water not touching the MB) to cool the cpu down. Still think it could perform better but 1000x riskier.

2 days ago
Next time, duct tape the water intake to the fridge water outlet.

2 days ago
Linus should definitely go more on vacation!

2 days ago
150L of flow per hr.... small chiller sucking heat out of about 500 litres of water.... it would prob be doable in a closed loop

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