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Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson
  Published: 3 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago

23 seconds ago
i cried when he showed the stay positive sign :(

13 minutes ago
I've experienced the phone listening and calling thing. its creepy asf

14 minutes ago
12 stores already shutdown in my town first radio shack then many others i even had a near by toy Rus in Manhattan it fucking closed down when i was 8 year olds FUCKING 8 children need toys to spark there imagination like wtf

18 minutes ago
I love how they or you putted a Micky watch in the watch video

29 minutes ago
White noise is normal if its not just coming from the app its normal it happens when you record too tryit its likr the cpu or just other phone systems working to make your phone keep going

30 minutes ago
Now i cant think of twister in a different way dude i am still playing that with my little cousins

34 minutes ago
The laser Conspiracy theory isn’t lazers it’s thanos

43 minutes ago
Who that at 3:50 cause he real cute 😂😂😂😂😂

1 hour ago
This reminds me of a horror movie around the world

1 hour ago
Take a shot every time shane says "OMG"

1 hour ago
The reason u hear the fuzzy noise is because there’s a fan in ur phone to cool the phone down

1 hour ago
Hey a little conspiracy theory about the wild fires
Well we first heard about celebs losing there homes have you ever taught that someone Or just a group was targeting celebs or all over california which could be a thing or the wild fires could be naturally happening but seriously maybe you would wanna take a look into if anyways causing. Or targeting california this could be life threatening guess what they could target america next orrr not lmao just just think this might be a thing

And the people who might be targeting celebs With fire the fire might have spreaded. Yeahhhhhh um hi?

2 hours ago
every second of this video has 1 hour of editing i swear

2 hours ago

2 hours ago
Analising everybodies phones is a waste of time 99% of people are doing stupid things at all time

2 hours ago
April 2019?

2 hours ago
Actually the chemical/gases there have spread throughout the world (because they are gases) but aren’t as bad as they are at the lab.
Also I could be wrong it’s just what I think I remember from some Worksheet I had to do in class like 2 months ago.

2 hours ago
1:12:08 (I think)

Ok please tell me that someone else hear “It’s just a theory not facts” 😭😭

2 hours ago
I watched that episode with Daisy Duck when I was younger

But I never thought there was something hidden in it....

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