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Tank Chats #66 Leopard 2 | The Tank Museum
   The Tank Museum
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Curator David Willey gives chapter and verse on the German Main Battle Tank, Leopard 2, which first entered service with West Germany during the Cold War.

The Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank was kindly temporarily loaned to The Tank Museum by the Historic Collection of the Royal Netherlands Army.

Some stills and footage: © All rights reserved. (AR2011-0034-009, PA01-2016-0139-076, IS2010-3030-24, IS2011-1021-15, IS14-2017-0003-049, B11-ATHENA-020) reproduced with the permission of DND/CAF (2019)

At 8:55 Leopard 2 from The Arsenalen Museum, Sweden.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago
I got to ride that Leopard 2 behind him at the past Tiger Day, what an incredible machine!

3 days ago
"honey there's a Leopard in our swimming pool!"

3 days ago
Ein Herz für Deutsche Raubkatzen xD

4 days ago
I thought Australia might go Leo 2 when they got rid of the Leo 1's. We went Abrams instead. Something about German tanks. I like them.

5 days ago
Alguien lo tiene en idioma español?

5 days ago
This has been my favorite tank for as long as I can remember. Good lord what a sexy beast

6 days ago
That is a Finnish T-34 next to the Dutch Leopard 2A4, if visiting Finland be sure to check the Finnish Armour Museum in Parola.

Finland bought 120+ A4 Leopards in several batches from Germany, some are converted to engineer and AA roles but there are still 100 classed as MBTs, and 100 A6s from Netherlands.
So Finland fields 200 Leopards as MBTs, according to annual exchange of military information based on the Vienna document.

There are also Leopard 1 based engineering vehicles., even T-55s are still in use with Finnish modifications, these are mostly for the engineers equipped with minerollers.

6 days ago
Impressive how the Leopard was able to be adapted into multiple different varieties and sold. Apparently they weren't able to do the same with Challenger, or was it powerpack reliability that was the issue when it came to exports?

7 days ago
The tank that he mention, Turkish one. He was destroyed by ATGM (anti-tank guided missile), the Leopard dint get engaged in tank to tank combat situation. The size of detonation (was damn big), i think it hit ammo rack, from the LEFT SIDE - Driver view. And by tank design - frontal armor solid, side not so much, rear - what? Overall - Leo is good tank, mobile, serious gun, a server inside a tank - for tracking data and shooting on the target whit good-high chances of hitting it.

7 days ago
When you speak German you have to listen to the speeches of that Guy in the German Museum,he worked for the German Army Officer School and was responsible there for teaching about Russian Tanks and Tank Tactics and stuff like that.... and he can really explain how the Leopard was designed,the thoughts behind everything in the construction

7 days ago
no active armor on the latest models like the russian ones?

7 days ago
Who else plays War Thunder?

7 days ago
due to ( economic ) politics we, the Dutch, got rid of the leopard. Dutch politics always seems to fail at that ( look @ what happend at WW2 )

1 week ago
"Hey, John.. I need a 19/7 inch screw"
"You need what?"
"..19/7 inch screw.."
"Go away.."

1 week ago
The leopard 2 could definitely destroy a kv-6

1 week ago
Well it's bassicly like a Dutch M1 Abrams replica
😎 And I know it's very expensive💲

1 week ago
There are lots of them for sure on the line.😔🤔

1 week ago
Obsolete fossil fuel engines. That's not going to be durable. What research or decisions are being made about what to use as power plants for military vehicles in the future? Presumably battery-electrical engines would be safer than hydrogen-burning engines, as well as quieter, which can't hurt, operational surprise-wise.

1 week ago
nice mention of turkey in syria not a lot of ppl know about that, also now the saudi M1abrams being destroyed in yemen

1 week ago
Powerful Leopard 2

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