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Is Corsair SCREWING their partners?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

21 hours ago
How much fps do you get?

3 days ago
Who the hell would buy this with the b360m they should have gone rtx 2070 with z370 and i7-8700kbut otherwise it’s ok

4 days ago
i would have gotten the crystal 280x but there aren't enough mATX X470 or B450 motherboards out there, so i got a different case

6 days ago
Can i play fortnite????

1 week ago
8:15 did you really just leave the plastic on

1 week ago
he thats my case and my aio

2 weeks ago
Where’s Janet

2 weeks ago
warranty is for pikers

2 weeks ago
i wonder why they used an m.s.i instead of there own 2080?

2 weeks ago
It comes with a keyboard and mouse and wireless adapter

2 weeks ago
If he didn’t wipe the table I wouldn’t of noticed what happened

2 weeks ago
This is my 5th time watching this vid

2 weeks ago
This dude is always straight the fuck up

2 weeks ago
This PC is going for only 1999 now so your actually saving about 100😂

3 weeks ago
Nzxt is a good prebuilt company

1 month ago
I don't want those ugly ass boots

1 month ago
is it overclockable

1 month ago
Sooo, should I not get it 😂 because it's looks amazing

2 months ago
so its good but expensive

2 months ago
More recently i ran this through pc part picker and for the exact parts used (non-sale) all the parts add up to just $1897.27 before tax so yeah its not worth it right now

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