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Is Corsair SCREWING their partners?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
This pc is the most beautiful thing ever ! I love it !!! (But not his price 🤣)

2 weeks ago
Bought a new Lenovo desktop because I got a killer price on it. Huge mistake as everything was proprietary. Only one choice for a video card that would fit in the case and I couldn't even add a second hard drive without buying a proprietary power adapter cable for 40 bucks. lol

2 weeks ago
Corsair doesn't have aircoolers and i imagine the ugly intel coolers are a no go for aesthetics. And as for the screwing other partners if they don't have a non compete contract it doesn't matter they can do as they wish.

2 weeks ago
I have a Maingear RUSH. BADASS

2 weeks ago
Just sell me the damn case.

3 weeks ago
Nitpicking at its finest

1 month ago
Well I have to accept he has a point about building a better and cheaper gamer PC and Corsair surely know it, but only if you really know what you want, what to do, and really really know how to do it, and that's not easy, thinking's on the new gamers, a parent who wants to gift it to his child, all of them always want the best and at least Linus fans we all know that because of the bottleneck and be realistic this type of branded builds are to all that people who don't have even a clue of what components you have to mix, remember what happens on the crap yards wars with the better performance on 8gb (4x4dual) vs 16g (4x4singles), how many independent honest builders we know that sells gamer's PC's with the best configuration according to your budget instead of the more expensive build with the poorest performance but with a fancy look, that's the reason he review the branded builds and recommend the build or not, he always say it with all the builds and everything he shows

1 month ago
0:14 and 0:16 i cant find those reviews :(

1 month ago
I'm screwing my partner.

1 month ago
Secret Shopper all the things plz!!
Maybe do round ups like you did in the last vid. but with all the tech things you show us.

1 month ago
I think the only way these companies are going to get PC builders to buy their prebuilt PCs is if they are able to match the dollar for dollar price of the parts. Or maybe a $50 moderate price hike? If they beat the price I think they would be flying off the shelf.

1 month ago
My $3000 computer came with a similar foam solution for protecting the graphics card during shipping. Didn't notice it until it started smelling burnt and the fans went crazy. Wasn't too happy.

1 month ago
Close your mouth please

1 month ago
Everyone interested in PC gaming should at least try to build their own PC. Is so fun and cheaper

1 month ago
is this pc good for streaming fortnite? 1080p 60fps?

1 month ago
Always quality from corsair :)

1 month ago
Linus saying basically if you buy car to commute to work you the taxi drivers?!

1 month ago
9:18 Linus Spit Tips

1 month ago
their markup includes 2 years of warranty on the completed system - then again within the European Union manufacturers are supposed to give 2 years of warranty regardless... on top of that doesnt corsair give like 5 years of warranty on their stuff?

1 month ago
i was really sad when corsair stopped selling their led power supplies... they were awesome!

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