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Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses
  Published: 3 months ago


I got my colour blind glasses so let's see if my test results are different
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3 months ago
I have been emailing back and forth with Enchroma about all of this, they saw the videos and reached out and loved them. They told me that while these are outdoor glasses, they won't work on the test anyway because that's not how they work and aren't designed to cheat the system like that, hence why I got the same result as before.

They also take about 15 minutes to work properly and for some people can even take hours or a day to fully change anything, it's different for everyone.

All in all I'm mentioning this because this video was more for fun than to give conclusive proof of anything.

17 hours ago
Lol I saw ever number easily that why I crush the test at check ups

19 hours ago
I saw all but one of them

20 hours ago
apparently im deutan, Deutans are people with deuteranomaly, a type of red-green color blindness in which the green cones do not detect enough green and are too sensitive to yellows, oranges, and reds. As a result, greens, yellows, oranges, reds, and browns may appear similar, especially in low light.

20 hours ago
I’m actually color blind too

1 day ago
I got normal

1 day ago
4:48 UUUH

1 day ago
Drax: mild protan but he's not even tan
Like ironman

2 days ago
I feel bad for poor jack he's colorblind

2 days ago
4:28 couldn't see anything

2 days ago
what is going on? i can see the number instantly

2 days ago
This sucks, I could just tilt my screen and completely see the answer on the grey harder ones. }=[

2 days ago
6:52 Witout Robin's editing,
I saw a two.
AND, With the grey one at.. 6:28 Is a 7.

2 days ago
i have grey colourblindness...

2 days ago
stop at 7:00

3 days ago
Took the test three times....first time it said I had normal color vision, took it a second time just for the hell of it and got Tritanomaly / Tritanopia color blindness, which is like blue/yellow apparently. Found that weird, so did it a third time and got Tritanomaly / Tritanopia again so....okay then!

Also, it was both fun and interesting watching this cause on some of the numbers that Jack could see I could see nothing, lol...It's fun watching someone else take a test like this. Especially if one can see the number, but the other can't.

3 days ago

3 days ago
When people with normal color vision wear EnChroma® glasses, they see a “color boost” effect: colors appear to “pop” with a superordinary vibrance. This effect, called chromatic contrast enhancement, is how our glasses also help people with color blindness. thats what they said when i took a test and had normal vision

3 days ago
I got tested irl a few years back came out I'm mild protan too.

3 days ago
I took the enchroma test twice on the first time I got mild deutan but on the second time I got inconclusive/unknown. So I am now confused as to what I am

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