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How a $100,000 Speaker gets made! - Meridian Facility Tour - LG XBOOM Go
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video! Check out their new line of XBOOM Go speakers below:


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Nice advertising

4 hours ago
Is it lost on you that you can buy a small apartment for that price?

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
Next time you come to britian, Linus, tell me. >:-(

4 hours ago
So Meridian are cool, but what about that LG speaker(s)?

13 hours ago
3:08 i wanna see the outtakes

14 hours ago
It must be a pretty boring place to work at!

1 day ago
14:32 that 5p coin looks an awful lot like a 10p coin that i have

1 day ago
Even if these speakers are really that much better that the price is justified, nearly all recordings available today are mastered assuming phone earbuds and crappy home stereos, making all this pointless.

1 day ago
8:12 Only the finest hand-soldered artisanal through-hole capacitors.

1 day ago
0:50 is... That..... SOCKS AND SANDALS

1 day ago
Meh, just get some Genelecs. Under a grand for a pair sized for personal listening, under 10 grand to equip a decent-sized room for 7.1. Anything more expensive is going to give you massively diminishing returns on your investment, unless it's a large performance venue, and you're getting line arrays.

1 day ago
5:50 just my alternate universe conspiracy theory that this is actually linus' job and his youtube channel is actually his side job. and this video, for the majority of it, if you were to start the video at a random place can be proof of this alternate theory.

1 day ago
Damn Linus, had I known you’d be in Huntingdon I’d have loved to have met up man!! The question is did they give you a pair of 8k’s for your setup back home?

1 day ago
13:12 when you see these "extinct" people I the background but when Linus turns around he does see him anymore

1 day ago
13:10 that stopping tape sticks to Linu's lab coat, I wonder why....

1 day ago
Awesome !

1 day ago
Excellent video - makes me really want meridian speakers! Welcome to the UK, come again sometime!!

1 day ago
step one, pocket $95,000 and spend the remaining $5,000 on a speaker.

2 days ago
I'm getting the Pk3 because, for once, the RGB is bad

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