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Stop Charging your Phone Overnight!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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What’s worse for your phone: Fast Charging and Qi Wireless Charging, or plugging your phone in overnight and charging to 100%? Also a quick look at the Anker PowerWave 7.5!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 hours ago
I dont care.. I will just replace with new battery

1 day ago
is this completely different for other devices/brands? I've always charged my iPad overnight and it has lived 5 years so far.
however, the screen does bulge a slight bit like an old tv, is that from the battery?

1 day ago
I don't think you should care about your phone's battery, care about your teeth instead. You have only one set of adult teeth and fixing just one dead tooth can cost more than an iPhone XR Max. You have been warned.

1 day ago

1 day ago
Does all that was said here also apply to tablets?

2 days ago
Does this idiot EVER research his subject before making a video?

3 days ago
wtf 2 sponsors in one video

5 days ago
Google Nexus 7 2013, and Google Nexus 4, charging always overnight, batteries are 5+ years old. They still hold (almost) like when they were new. So the theory is false ;-)

5 days ago
Why do new phones even have non replaceable batteries

6 days ago
I connect me One Plus 5T to the laptop overnight. It trickle charges very slowly. But I don't know if it is better to use the Dash charger instead.

6 days ago

6 days ago

1 week ago
I came because of Michael Reeves

1 week ago
You're right, I should stop charging my phone overnight...

but am I gonna?

1 week ago
I have an apple 7 plus. It cost only $89 to have it replaced for a new one.

1 week ago
Yeah my 3yo iPhone 6s lasts about 2 hours because I forgot to plug it off before going to sleep...

1 week ago
Nobody is ever going to do this. Nobody. Ever.

1 week ago
Hehe i have a removeable battery

1 week ago
LG V20 is the only most powerful phone with a swapable battery on it, and LG STOP MAKING IT NOW.

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