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Making a Ring that Subscribes you to PewDiePie & UnSubs T-Series using NFC
   Patrick Adair Designs
  Published: 2 weeks ago


In this video, I make a ring out of a custom block of micarta that I made to look like PewDiePie's red and black swirl pattern that he uses frequently. I integrated an NFC chip into the ring and programmed it to subscribe you to PewDiePie and unsubscribe you from T-Series. This video was mostly for fun and to support the C.R.Y. charity, I hope you enjoy it!


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
Hey guys, I'm doing a raffle for the ring in this video where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to CRY (the charity)
If you'd like to join, click here:
Edit: we’ve already raised $3,000+ dollars! :)

5 minutes ago
You should be a scientist

13 minutes ago
Go to India and make indians try the ring on

16 minutes ago

38 minutes ago
You should show this to mrbeast so he starts making those rings in a massive rate to sell them to the 9 year olds so that we can do that too

55 minutes ago
Isn't this illegal?

58 minutes ago
81 million subscribers and your worried he’s gonna lose that all or what.?? 81 million pewdipie has and your worries haha well alright if that’s what the world has come to fame and power changes people

1 hour ago
Hello, I'd like to buy 1,000,000,000

1 hour ago
How to program the nfc chip

1 hour ago
why u subbed to t series

2 hours ago
pew was good but he dont like t series me to now he hate indian so thats ways i dont like pew now indian are good people he should stop laugfoing .sorry for grammaire and i am not indian i am french français for your information

2 hours ago
I want to give this ring to someone without context and watch as they get frustrated every time they pick up their phone, cus it starts opening Pewdiepie and Tseries's channels

2 hours ago
keep up the good work

2 hours ago
Now i unsubscribed u ..

2 hours ago
T series will ofc win

2 hours ago
Why are there dislikes on this amazing video?

2 hours ago
Holy frick, that's epic!

2 hours ago
Thanks PewDiePie will win

2 hours ago
dude you should make a bunch of these 😂😂 sell them on ebay. i would but

2 hours ago
teri ama ki chut bhosdike

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