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Donald Trump Calls Haiti and African Nations “Sh**hole Countries”
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  Published: 1 week ago


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3 hours ago
This is so stupid 😂

9 hours ago
A punch a bullshit for the masses to swallow, the shutting down of the government and this Donald Trump rant what they doing that they don't want us to know? You have the same games and tactics that they play on the people and guess what the people do,bite and swallow this shit religiously, we are programmed to the max and they use trigger words to work us up while they complete their sneaky ass agendas and passing laws up under our noses.

12 hours ago
hating on a country is not racist
so if a Russian says he hates English does that mean he's racist

18 hours ago

1 day ago
Donald trump mouth is the shithole that racists cracker only mad because we was the only black country who got freed from slavery Haitians is a strong black nation they been targeting us ever since 1804 cuz we destroyed the French and got our freedom country's like America, British, Germany and french did everything to keep us under because they was afraid so trump can suck a ZOZO him and whoever agree with him

1 day ago
I would never use the world "shithole" to describe Haiti, but I can't deny that it's in terrible shape. The government and most of the country use black magic and made a pact with the devil, and they use up all their resources and destroy their ecosystem in the process. They are also very violent, have you seen the protests there in the past? Heads being cut off and people being burned. And every time we give them money, they don't use it like their supposed to. I have no disrespect for Haiti and it's people, but you can't go and say that the U.S. is more corrupt than Haiti. That's just ignorant.

Another thing-before Trump was in office and a regular citizen, he donated a lot of his own pocket money to help Haiti in the past on his own will (And also note that the Clintons stole his money) is he racist? And name one Democrat (or anyone) hating on Trump that has donated to Haiti much less given Haiti 2 thoughts? If you guys care about Haiti or any other country, I'd like to see you contribute to their cause.

1 day ago
D.T is the man that is going to make history on war? And hi is racist ginger 😂

1 day ago
Tell me is who made haiti and Africa a shithole nation American . American is a shithole country in the world every United States of America president are bunch of puppet to the deep state even if trump call those nation shithole i think American are most shithole country

2 days ago
1-20 chances are Haitians have aids. 50% of Haitians are mentally retarded in terms of IQ. The Haitians ruined their own country and now they're reaping what they sow. The most common cause of death in Haiti is diarrhea, it's literally a shithole

2 days ago
"Let's go to Don lemon he's a more reputable source than me" AHAHSHSHAHAHAAJA HAAAAHAHAHAHA AHHHHAHAHAHAH

2 days ago
Show me some fuckin evidence of him saying that.

3 days ago
For anyone who doesn't know about Haïti (Caribbean country)
1. Haiti was the second free country in the west year 1804.
First black Republic/Monarchy in the West.

2. They help freed Venezuela, Colombia, DR etc just to name a few. They funded and fought for Latin countries to be free.

3. They never killed "All" whites.

4. They fought so that the U.S gained it's independence from England. Haitians were sent from Haiti to fight along side the "Americans".

Because they were a predominately BLACK country. France and U.S.A refused to recognise them as a country. And they didnt want other slave colonies see them as a successful predominantly black country. So in order to help destroy heres what they did.
1. Haiti was ban from world trade. Embargo #1 by France supported/forced by the U.S (from 1806-1863)

2. Haiti paid restoration to France for years. By France and Forced By the U.S.A. (150 million francs in gold. 20 billion dollars in todays money. For 122 years from 1825 until 1946)

3. U.S.A invaded Haiti. Year 1915 until 1934

4. U.S.A supported dictator Papa Doc and his son. Also distributed weapons to massacre thousands of Haitians. He bought alot properties when he escaped to the U.S and have more than 200+ million dollar in asset of the Haitian people money, which Haiti is trying to recover.
Year 1947-1971

5. Embargo #2 was placed over oil year 1990

6. U.S.A got involve in their election

7. U.S.A/ France did not like who Haiti had elected so they placed Embargo #3 ban from world Bank, year 2000

The thing is everytime Haiti is trying to move forward other influencers get involve and prevent them.

* Yes Haiti has lots of Gold and Oil.

I also want to point out alot of propaganda was/ still being used between Haiti and DR. It is believed that DR received a deal from European influencers to break away from Haiti because "white Dominicans did not like how they were being treated." (Look at the time lines) All this explains why the island had dictators on each side.

3 days ago
My publicist advised me not to get too political but-ahh... (I don't have a publicist, but I thought it would be cute to say😉) The comment isn't too far from the truth. They've been skruggling over in po' Haiti for decades. They've been hit w/ so many natural disasters and realistically, Haiti es una porquería. God forgive me, but it's true. Once they get money to rebuild, it curiously disappears and ends up in other people's hands. Billions of dollars over the years and there's been little to no progress. Lawd ham mercy... That "religion/practice" has also flipped the Caribbean inside out, literally... Nobody wants to go there though.

3 days ago
if we allow the liberal media to redefine racism it degrades and distorts true racism suffered during/after black slavery. they want us to focus on trivial matters so that we can forget about all the black children being aborted by the millions. basically, blacks are being replaced by people from other countries.

3 days ago
so Black Americans are being aborted by the millions and we supposed to worry about Trump ragging on blacks from other countries coming here to take our jobs?

3 days ago
I totally agree with you Charlemagne. I 💘 hearing you SPEAK the TRUTH

3 days ago
Everyone is mad because Trump said it how it is. The man is a piece of shit but I respect the honesty.

3 days ago
kiss my black sentiments exactly...

4 days ago
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