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   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


This integrated case and heatsink weighs a TON, but runs completely passively. That's right.. the only "fan" it has is "fan"tastic looks!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

14 hours ago
This isn’t worth it. I just put some RGBs on a piece of paper, threw it on my mouse, and it made it run my computer run super cool.

4 days ago
super cool

5 days ago
Looks amazing but probably hella expensive and a bitch to clean...

5 days ago
so this are a heatsink or radiator ?

6 days ago
I think they should make an AIO type cooler

7 days ago
is it out yet

7 days ago
Seriously. This fits my needs like a bespoke tailored suit from Oswald Botang. Can you buy it yet? No. ffs

1 week ago
It would be cool if they made a lighter version to compare performance. I bet with the boiling liquid they use, they probably could reduce a lot of the metal.

1 week ago
So the case is a big heat sink literally ...

1 week ago

1 week ago
All you will hear is coil whine.

1 week ago
"Actualy not that bad as you would think" That's right Linus, it would cost way much more than I thought. 600 euroes?? Holy Shit

2 weeks ago
ok so physics can't be beat

2 weeks ago
I would but this.

2 weeks ago
omfg passive

2 weeks ago
I can even tune a car motor on it

3 weeks ago
but can it run explorer?

3 weeks ago
Is this case available yet?

3 weeks ago
My hard-drive is the loudest thing in my PC. Sooo

4 weeks ago
You could run an overclocked amd fx cpu with two overclocked gtx 480's in sli with that case.

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