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Our Whole Company Went on Vacation - Insta360 One X Showcase
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


Thanks to Insta360 for sponsoring this video, grab a One X 360 Camera with a limited time offer of getting a free Invisible Self Stick at

Capture everything around you with Insta360's One X camera that is capable of recording footage up to 5.7K at 30 FPS.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
that is really fucking cool

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
What do you think about this case??

HOLACA Cover Case for ONE X 360 Action Camera,Soft-Lightweight-Reliable to Protect Insta360 ONE X 360 Camera

1 month ago
I haven't had a chance to dump any files to premiere but theres this very unpleasant overlapping split where you can see the stitching in the app. If it's over my face you can clearly see my face is distorted. Does this fix after transfering or do you all experience this as well?

1 month ago
What does being 12 have anything to do with dragon ball Z? Do better

2 months ago
You hardly need to go on a retreat from Vancouver, it’s already one of the most beautiful places on the planet and it’s surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes on the planet 🌎

2 months ago
Looking to buy this for Florida trip this summer. Has anyone used this on their wrist? Only asking as I want to take it on rollercoasters and think I’ll have problem taking the selfie stick on!

2 months ago
He thinks only 12-year-olds watch Dragon Ball 😂

3 months ago
Great video, thank you for sharing I will clearly benefit from this camera on my channel making videos about electric unicycles

3 months ago
I just received my new Insta360 Air after my 360Fly was discovered not useable on my new Chromebook that replaced a dead Windows 10 laptop. Now that I mastered the Insta360 Air, I am saving my coins up for this Insta360 One X ... yes, no more designer bags until I get this Insta360 One X. As always, a thumb up for you posting this.

3 months ago
How to edit any #360degree video, any #360camera
by using #Insta360 ONE X (Android App )

👉 📹

4 months ago
About colours gopro fusion much better

4 months ago
its a great camera but it isnt android friendly? you have to buy an adapter for it to work on a galaxy note 8?

4 months ago
.... How old are You 70? Dragon ball started in the 80s.

4 months ago
Do they call it a 360 video, because when you view it you only can watch it in 360p?

4 months ago
How did you know I was watching at 1.5x? How?

4 months ago
solid DBZ reference

4 months ago
its a great camera

4 months ago
I love how his employees make fun of Linus.

5 months ago
bruh if that could make me super sayain i would buy that shit right now

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