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Hear what Nick Saban, Tua Tagovailoa, & Da'Ron Payne said following Alabama's epic win over Georgia
   Alabama Crimson Tide on
  Published: 1 week ago


Alabama head coach Nick Saban, freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and defensive MVP Da'Ron Payne address the media following Alabama's last-second, 26-23 win over the Georgia Bulldogs. Show more

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4 days ago
Samoan Quarterback in Alabama! Whaaaattttt? Fuck it, let's get it Uce, one rollin', we all rollin', Cheeehooo. Roll Tide.

5 days ago
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5 days ago
Tua Tua Tua Tua...poly pride uso

6 days ago
yes sir...that's respect!

7 days ago
By far the most boring championship game ever. Expected it to be entertaining but was falling asleep entire game. Both teams sucked. Talent level this year was all time worst. I give it two weeks and no one will remember anything about 2016-17 college football. At least NCAAM offers something to look forward to this year.

7 days ago
The officiating crew deserves the game ball. The elephant in the room. The refs won this game for Alabama. UCF are the real champs.

7 days ago
COACH!!! HOW TF! does Tua NOT get a game ball? it wasn’t your idea to put him that’s how. FKN joke man. ROLL TIDE COACH. Tua and the WHOLE DEFENSE should get games balls

1 week ago
That first quarterback was to predictable. Georgia had his number.

1 week ago
24:26 Thank you for asking the best question for tua about his Polynesian people on this big stage thank you. Pacific islanders

1 week ago
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1 week ago
UCF are the real national champs

1 week ago
Lol the press is harder then playing the game 🤣🤣🤣

1 week ago
He’s Tebow who can throw lol

1 week ago
Glory to god? That’s stupid as fuck. The teams both played great, and Alabama made a spectacular play to finish the game. Did Jesus or god come down and thrown that ball at the end of the game? This post game religious bullshit drives sports fans away. We want to watch sports, not hear your diatribe about whatever religious deity you worship.

1 week ago
Roll tide bih

1 week ago
Who names their kids???? BTW Penn State would kick Alabama all over the field...just sayin.....We ARE.

1 week ago
Wow Nick is way too excited after this win, so much emotion coming off the coach.

1 week ago
Every time Nick Saban is a big deal
I remember how SMALL a thing college football is.

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