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I got a Tesla for Christmas! (Unboxing)
   Verne Troyer
  Published: 4 weeks ago


I bought myself a gift for the holidays. 6mph, electric, and black rims. This thing is a beast! Hope everyone had a happy holidays and make sure you SUBSCRIBE for more awesome content of mine!:

Talk to Me!:

Welcome to my channel! My name is Verne Troyer and you might recognize me from the big screen somewhere. However, on my YouTube channel, you will find all kinds of videos such as vlogs, cooking videos, my random adventures, challenges with different YouTubers and anything else I feel like uploading. Look for new uploads every Wednesday

Shot and edited by Jeff Skeirik (@rawtographer)
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Comments Directly on YouTube

23 seconds ago
He look weird

42 minutes ago
I love this guy so much 😁

1 hour ago
Would be funny if he drove that on the highway and people looking at him thinking he’s a child but he’s a grown man 😂😫

2 hours ago
Oh fu...

2 hours ago
Are you mini me in Austin powers

3 hours ago
Who the hell is letting that baby play with a pocket knife!! smh

3 hours ago

4 hours ago
12 car garage and hes only got 2 cars😂😂😂

6 hours ago
How much did it cost?

7 hours ago

7 hours ago
This moment when your toy is bigger than you

13 hours ago
"Im 48 Im Still Gonna Drive It".-Verne

14 hours ago
I like it👍

14 hours ago
watch me blow up

14 hours ago
Subscribed and Liked!

14 hours ago
Model 0.30 is bitchen, Verne. Bitchen.

16 hours ago

16 hours ago
Holy shit it's mini me

16 hours ago

17 hours ago
You are tiny

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