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Passengers - Alternate Ending
  Published: 9 months ago


My wife and I took a pass at making a few changes. Let us know what you think.

Inspired by the the discussion in Nerdwriter1's video:

Ending music used from this piano cover of Peter Schilling's "Major Tom" by Piano Calikokat:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 months ago
Hey folks, read the description. Never claimed this was a real alternate ending, thanks!

5 hours ago

9 hours ago
What the fuck was that? Glad I didn’t waste my money on this stupid Hollywood garbage.

10 hours ago
I think I found a plot hole in the movie: Aurora wants to go to the new planet, write, and then go home so it's 200+ years in the future correct? If there was no cryo equipment on the ship then how was she going to do that? Or did I miss something

12 hours ago
What if jim was a serial killer

16 hours ago
Too sad!😫

1 day ago
So what was the alternative ending I saw the movie

2 days ago
The perfect poignant ending would be that he dies, or he's suspended, but she's alone. Years tick by and she considers waking someone up. I want to see her struggle with what she hated.

2 days ago
However you put it, its still a bad movie.

2 days ago
Your wife and you should leave well enough alone.

2 days ago
where's d adamatium claws or starlord mask ?

3 days ago
Damn she looked good in this movie

3 days ago
Why would you need the command of a doctor to reanimate a person? First of all he is already dead, so you can't kill him with wrong decisions anyway. That programm would just get you killed because there is no doc to permit reanimation. Pretty stupid people who wrote that AI.

4 days ago
better. it would have lingered in our thoughts more

4 days ago
Their character both had little age difference he was 36 in movie and she was 24

4 days ago
I would have preferred if we didn’t know he woke her up intentionally. We only find out late the end of the film and after a turn of event Jennifer Lawrence’s character kills Chris Pratt. After she gets depressed/insane and alone so she wakes someone up. The loop has restarted

5 days ago
Creepy af. Somebody ?

5 days ago
If this was the ending of the movie, I hope she fixed Arthur found the hibernation option on the AutoDoc.

5 days ago
You could have at least shown her masturbating once or twice. A girl has needs too.

1 week ago
So many different (and better) ways this movie could have been told. I didn't hate it, but it has some definite problems. CinemaSins did a good recap of those problems. Look it up.

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