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These things are so dangerous...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
Puts on helmet, knee pads, and butt protection for safety. Wears sandals with socks.

24 hours ago
"What the fog are those?" Holy shit I lost it lmao.

4 days ago
What is that iMac review clip from? "It's a boat anchor!" is hilarious!

1 week ago
Dumb thicc

3 weeks ago
Linus: I'm trying to run a successful YouTube channel but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my ass cheeks keep overwhelming the microphones.

3 weeks ago
10:22 Inspired by Discord.

3 weeks ago
Wait... How does a Helmet get Expired XD

1 month ago
linus can you do the airwheel next with that big butt?

1 month ago
Note to editor*
I don't trust your judgement, but I also know a video can get when Linus starts talking! :P

1 month ago
On a pair of regular everyday roller skates I can go a LOT faster than those, maneuver a LOT tighter than those, actually burn some of my copious American fat, and not catch my house on fire with crappy lithium batteries.

2 months ago
Watching this, you activated my google home and I got the same answer. Stopwatch is not yet supported. :(

2 months ago
with that pillow in the back it begs the question, did you stuff something in the front tho or is your junk inversely proportionate to your stature?

2 months ago
Bixby will start a stopwatch

2 months ago
He got thicc

2 months ago
I cant stop looking at that ass

2 months ago
is there any point over in lines?

2 months ago
"Ok google, start my stopwatch" <-- Activated my google home mini

2 months ago
0:25 u sure? R u really going to read this comment of last year?? Like to see if u will read this, if i could.. actually give me any proof u read this no matter what

No i'm not asking attention in any form

2 months ago
Sick moves brah

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