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We Broke the WRONG Record! - RTX Overclocking
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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We started out with one goal: Overclock Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and document the process. But we got a little ahead of ourselves...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 hours ago
speed jumper. Put a dial on it and control speed manually?

16 hours ago
Just a note: Turn the freaking PC upside down, so the water and ice drip to the floor... Duh (lol)

2 days ago
Could you do some testing using peltier cells

2 days ago
The ultimate fortnite device

3 days ago
Anyone know what monitor he's using? I see the brand is LG but I was wondering which model.

3 days ago
HELP. I am running MSI afterburner as well as Halmark but when I click the OC scanner the graph comes up but does not have the option to click in the top right hand corner. All drivers are current and have the latest version of windows. MSI RTX 2070/I7 8700.

3 days ago
What an awesome episode ... I literally was at the edge of my seat! That tension! :-D

3 days ago

3 days ago
hehehe you said Blowy

4 days ago
Double A....Anthony's Awesome

4 days ago
Linus' segues still slay me.

4 days ago
Anyone with dell hardware will have Vietnam flashbacks hearing that fan sound O_O

4 days ago
What if you had the cpu and gpu blocks in a vacuum chamber so that there is nothing to condense on the surfaces? Then just have the coolant pipes leading out of the vacuum chamber to the radiator/cooler. Course you would also need to cool the memory since ambient air would no longer be present to allow for even the relatively low cooling requirements. But in could do it. And vacuum chambers aren't that hard to throw together, the jankier the better for these videos.

5 days ago
Anthony is one of my favorites dude is so smart

6 days ago
Who's the KingPin?

6 days ago

6 days ago
This is how our server machine at school sounds like on post after a power outage

6 days ago
Question: Can mineral oil PCs be cooled sub-zero? Freezing point of oil should be lower than water, and condensation should not be an issue.

6 days ago
Anthony is just great!

6 days ago
It's like you are doing surgery on a computer. I love this.

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