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iPhone Xs - YouTube FORCED me to cover it...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 hours ago
Please Linus, could you feed my feed with some footage of zfs array from your storinator. I'd rather that instead to be flooded by Apple shiny and faked announces.

2 weeks ago
I’m just going to stick with my
iPhone 8 for a while.

2 weeks ago
Or you use the fancy handy dandy SEARCH bar at the top of youtube to see other content then iphone videos. Watch past videos of channels you have discovered. Search for content that your friends may have suggested. Many other alternatives then turning off youtube to avoid iPhone videos every September. Me smart. Me use brain. :)

3 weeks ago
Why don’t people look for deals for phones instead of crying about the price. Got my iPhone XR for 100$ :)

3 weeks ago

CAn we get together for a video. I am an underwater welder. We breathe helium. And every single guy who works with me is stuck using an out dated iPhone. Wondering with your publicity and my story. We could convince apple to go back to the previous oscillator so my colleagues and I could still remain in the ecosystem

3 weeks ago
This is yet another unsub from a long time subscriber. You used to be all about quality, now everything is quantity and scripted crap.

4 weeks ago
I have an iPhone 5c can anyone recommend a good iPhone to upgrade from?

4 weeks ago
Linus LOATHES AND HATES apple and he thinks its a bleep

1 month ago
he has great taste in his clothes.

1 month ago

1 month ago
Xs sucks

1 month ago
1:03 WOOF

1 month ago
Dual SIM because India matters... Thank you, Apple. Even if I don't like Apple much.

1 month ago
i believe Iphone is a Virus or some kind of malware stuff for youtube/ google Algorithms. where thing go haywire which is interesting.

1 month ago
Haha Riley's shirt

1 month ago
wow you have a curved monitor? respect -.

1 month ago
Linus, one of the best if not the best, Chanel, what am I saying, Linus himself is the best YouTuber of Tech and miscellaneous field, he doesn’t play any tricks or some hating or favoritism, I mean he is as human as everyone but he has te gift of talking and be honest and so understanding reviews, and complete information not as Unbots terapia

1 month ago
The funny thing is, I didn’t listen to Linus in 2017 and got the $400 2 in 1.

1 month ago my YouTube vid plz watch I'm raising money for college

if you help I will sub to you
if you see thank you 😀

2 months ago
I thought it had face recognition

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