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iPhone Xs - YouTube FORCED me to cover it...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 days ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

27 minutes ago
i didnt even notice apples new launch until people started talking about to get or not to get the new money-chimney

38 minutes ago
Dual SIM feature is for China, do not make that kind mistake. Taiwan is not fucking independent country.

49 minutes ago
Then don't cater to this Youtube BS. And also: do put your fricking face in every thumbnail and do clickbait titles.

54 minutes ago
Last year they showed the notch everywhere. Now everyone knows. Get over you hate.

2 hours ago
Would have preferred the switch tbh...

2 hours ago
The only interesting part here vas the "youtube analytic". the rest i skipped ;)

2 hours ago
This algorithm is reason why this video came up lolololol

2 hours ago
as much as i think apple is dead, a review of iphone do sound more interesting that a network switch..... especially not those review from isheep which copy paste what apple said.

really love your statement after 5:00 time mark.

2 hours ago
This is an amazing video!

3 hours ago
Tomorrow: This is not the actual phone for the actual phone... Go to official Apple place and have "courage" to wait.

3 hours ago
iPhone X's - A11 bionic chip and ram makes it fast... They don't say how much cause it's just 3 GB compared to cheaper phones like OnePlus 6 with 8 GB.

3 hours ago
IPhone Xtremely Shite snap chat brick.

3 hours ago
That's 100% true . I literally have to now manually search for my favourite artists in order to get their vids back in my feeds. As a fan of tech, science, rap , nightcore and discovery. Youtube can't seem to send me the right suggestions and often stops sending me alerts on one or more subjects if i watch a few too many of another :-/ they need to fix this

3 hours ago
I felt compelled to watch this because it kept showing up in my feed. Which is mostly photography and video videos. 🤔 irony.

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
most of the times apple has the most disappointing RAM

5 hours ago
Click bait much?

5 hours ago
Your face in the thumbnail makes me very uncomfortable

5 hours ago
When you look at the views and realize Linus was right
Edit: For once 😹

6 hours ago
Be Happy your not like Alex Jones and get your account banned. Clearly a account that you need for income... You need to be PC pardon the pun on all types of bullshit these days :-)

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