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What is... Venom: Lethal Protector
   Smokey's Videos
  Published: 7 months ago


Venom - alien symbiote and defender of the innocent! When Eddie Brock heads West, there's no shortage of enemies waiting to test his resolve - including the Jury!

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*Outro Music "Bummin on Tremelo" by Kevin MacLeod

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Comments Directly on YouTube

15 hours ago
Smokey you one the elite comic Nerder'er murder'ers!!!

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15 hours ago
More,more,more!!!! ive only just sub'd. Have ya done Deadpool/Thanos? if not? please do, dudes!!

1 day ago
i literally dont understand how people can say this is good
the art is though

1 day ago
What's with the fucking tone? I read this series in the past and now with the movie coming out I thought I'd refresh my memory, and then I come across this video and... were you seriously making fun of a kids comicbook? Not to say it wasn't silly but god damn you sound irritating as fuck right off the bat.

2 days ago
I got up to the 3rd issue before I stopped entirely, years later I just gave them to my comic book shop, in hindsight all these comics are garbage hopefully the Venom movie drops hard like a clump of shit.

4 days ago
Im your 1,000 subscriber :DDDD

4 days ago
dude you're fucking hilarious 😂😂😂 had me dying the whole time, great stuff bro

5 days ago
You're a bitch

5 days ago
Hahaha What a mess of a story line. I really wonder what the venom movie will take from this.

5 days ago
Yo this video geeks😂😂😂😂

6 days ago
This shit was awesome when I was 12, definitely not so much now. you know what fuck it, its still awesome.

1 week ago
heres a very good anti hero team from all worlds .... venom , spawn , batman and freeza !

2 weeks ago
Is it good or bad that the movie is going to be based off this???

4 weeks ago
They better not go with the lethal protecter story without spider-man

1 month ago
Guy locks himself in a panic room with a giant steel door THAT NO ONE CAN... Venom rips the door out.

😂😂😂😂 i couldn't stop laughing.

1 month ago
I like the way u talk

1 month ago
I love you.

1 month ago
Oh boy..

1 month ago
Absolutely amazing!!!

1 month ago
But the trailer for venom is more...darker than thiss

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