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He Is Always Forgiving You
  Published: 3 years ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
brother stop screaming thr point of Islamic lecture is to be soft spoken in a way where it captures our hearts and our minds not to push us away with your loud voice it's not working so please use a different method I'm sure your speech is nice but I couldn't stand few seconds into it

2 weeks ago
"when you remember me, i remember you, when u forget me i still remember you" ..... it's so beautiful . iam crying..... my only Love is just for Allah. maybe i adore, care etc any things. but in my heart i will Always love Allah. because Allah dominates my heart. Only Love for Allah

2 months ago
Is He not worthy of worship??? SubhanAllah

11 months ago
Praise be to Allah, The Most Merciful, The Especially Merciful ❤

1 year ago
Wallahi the human brain cannot comprehend this to the level it should be. It is just too great, but such things are easy for The Almighty. SubhanAllah

2 years ago
who's the speaker??

2 years ago
Who's the speaker of this please??

3 years ago
why always yelling ;/

3 years ago
Assalam aleykum. Ramadan Mubarak.
I don't speak so good English so I don't really understand what he means when he says "associating partners with Allah". Can someone please explain what it means?

3 years ago
Our sun is the smallest star in our galaxy?really?i did not know that.goes to show how limited my general knowledge is eh?

3 years ago
this gives me hope, i have done so much mistakes in my life i just want Allah to forgives me. Really nothing matters in this world, just a temporary place, we will soon be return to Allah.

3 years ago
Salaams, does anyone know who the speaker is??

3 years ago
this is a really heart touching video. Jazakallah

3 years ago
Masha'allah very true. He is the Forgiving

3 years ago
can't hold my tears .... so touchy

3 years ago
Auburn and Lakemba ;) lol not Orben and the Kimba

3 years ago
Like a ring in a desert. That analogy is hard to interpret without elaborating.
If our universe was the size of a ring, the 2nd heaven is the desert & the distance to reach the end of a heaven would take 500 years (at a speed only Allah knows(Faster than light anyway)), and THAT'S the analogy, This repeats all the way to the throne of Allah.

3 years ago
Salam Walaikum my Dear Brothers and Sisters please visit my channel and subscribe for 2 Daily Reminders.
Jzkallah Khair

3 years ago
أستغفر الله ❤️

3 years ago
I learnt alot in this one video clip. Alhamdulillah. It just goes to show how insignificant we truly are as mere human beings in the grand scheme of this universe that Allah (swt) has created. I didn't know about the 500 year gaps between the heavens, subhanallah!

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