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10 ways Android is just better
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
the answer is every way

6 hours ago
2017 iPhone 10 rlly bruh 11:40

7 hours ago
I find it ironic that the Mac division at Apple were quick to adopt USB Type-C while the iPhone division avoids it like the plague.
I think the Mac and iPhone divisions at Apple must have very different corporate cultures.

11 hours ago
1. Its not

11 hours ago
Most kids in my class (teachers too) literally calls every tablet an "IPad" or an "IPhone" and they think Xbox is the only console (not everybody, but a LOT)

14 hours ago
why the fuck is my subs in HINDI

17 hours ago
All the people who diliked the video are probably apple fan boys

19 hours ago
5:53 hand move to pc "phone" and then hand move to phone to "pc

21 hours ago
4:20 he instant cums from his mouth

21 hours ago
With all due respect I don't need Linus to appreciate the flexibility of Android.

22 hours ago

23 hours ago
Samsung. It just works.

24 hours ago
Make us the cheapest gaming PC you can. Criteria: The most demanding games default to Ultra High and run at 100 FPS.

24 hours ago
Always on will drain the battery faster so no go.

1 day ago
Automagicly XD (idk if I spell it good)

1 day ago
LOL I have a £100 phone which can do face fairly quickly and fingerprint! It's obviously not as fast face as it doesn't have infrared sensor but it is quite secure and fast. As an added bonus I've also got voice unlock! 🤣

1 day ago
The Original iPhone was designed for small hands (Donald Trump) so he could easily swipe across pics of you know what...

1 day ago
breathes heavily

1 day ago
4:20 for some nice saliva

1 day ago
coming to you via Twitter for iPhone....

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