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The Fastest Android I've Used! - OnePlus 7 Pro Review
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 days ago


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The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of my favorite Android flagships of the year, with the notch-less screen, pop-up selfie camera, and SUPER fast in-screen fingerprint reader!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
7T will be a beast

1 hour ago
shut up & take my money!

2 hours ago
Disagree with you oneplus is worst in service and quality of camera

2 hours ago
buy a Asus Zenfone 6!

2 hours ago
You're completely right about OnePlus being long lasting. I'm still running my OnePlus2 (arguably their worst phone) and it's serving me well.

3 hours ago
Watching this video on my Oneplus One. ♥

Time to switch 😝🤓

3 hours ago
And OMG fix your fingernails.

3 hours ago
Did he say one of the cons was it didn't have a removable battery???

4 hours ago
Skip this and get yourself a Note 9 for sub $500.

5 hours ago
yet another paid review from our beloved money grabbing whore >,>

5 hours ago
I seem to get much faster speeds with unlocking my s10+ although hitting the sensor can be hit or miss

6 hours ago
I plan to buy it on There are still nine hours, I can place an order. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

7 hours ago
Isn’t the OnePlus 7 one of the first phones to use snapdragon’s new processor do you can’t really buy it for that reason alone?

8 hours ago
deadmau5 there, good one

9 hours ago
I don't really like pure android, it may be fast, but it's super boring looking. I'm prefer One UI all the way, customizable theme and icon from Samsung Store.
And no SD Card slot and no headphone jack really??

9 hours ago
I swear i see dbrand commercials more than my mom

9 hours ago
this is not a review. this is a sponsored video by oneplus.

9 hours ago
Imagine if one day Google stop letting Samsung use Android like Huawei and we left by either overpriced Pixel or iPhone ☹️

10 hours ago
I turn off animations on all android phones. It's easy to do. Just go into developer options. Then you can turn them all off.

12 hours ago
I want that OnePlus 7 pro deliver it to my address
Edit: Email for address

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