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OnePlus 7 Pro Review - The Fastest Android I've Used!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of my favorite Android flagships of the year, with the notch-less screen, pop-up selfie camera, and SUPER fast in-screen fingerprint reader!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

13 hours ago
How to talk about phones?

Linus: Start with dissing apple..

2 days ago
Samsung phones still slow af

3 days ago
Go buy wirless charge adapter put it on with case and there we go hahah if u kids really crying over this reason

3 days ago
movie at 3:38?

4 days ago
Ohhhh come on Linus, 1+7 pro camera sucks

5 days ago
iirc, the 7 pro is basically waterproof, Dave2D has a good video on it, they just didn’t want to pay for the IP rating and did all testing in house

5 days ago
Just bought this phone, and it is incredibly awesome! Signed former Samsung user. Still love you Sammy

5 days ago
just bought the oneplus 7 for £350, because its £10 more than a k20 pro and has double the storage and a ois on the rear camera; 8gb of ram, 256gb of storage for £350, they are still the budget kings in non pro regions.

5 days ago
I have a phone called infinix zero 2, it's so trash

6 days ago
Some points you missed linus, first of all, for the "48 MP" photos, you need to go to pro mode and enable it.

Second of all, the 6T will still hold better battery life because it's a lower res 60 Hz. The 90 Hz combined with 1440p, reduces battery life, however you can reduce the refresh rate, but again, it defeats the point of having it.

And third, well it's obvious that one plus will beat any, ANY phone in app loading or booting time, thanks to the UFS 3.0.

My brother has the XS Max and I have the 7 pro, let me tell you, in terms of Camera, screen and "speed" Apple is inferior. No, I'm not being biased. But then apple's build quality is top notch. But personally, I'd rather save those extra bucks and still have more phone In my hand.

7 days ago
Why you mentioned you got all your notifications? I'm having problems with my S10 notifications and wondering If anyone Else gets the same problem. Do you have any video mentioning this?

7 days ago
I swear OnePlus and Xiaomi are the only good phone companies

1 week ago
Why is it such a bad thing to watch movies on a phone

1 week ago
Nah... Might as well have no animations system wide, no icons just words, or just go back to command lines

1 week ago
Llppp lol p
Ppppp my plp lolp

1 week ago
I don't know why you gave a worst review about s10

1 week ago
S10+ is surely better than 7 pro

1 week ago
7:16 camera

1 week ago
Mine shows up on Friday and I can't f**king wait. I'm rocking a LG G5 so this is gonna me a huge upgrade.

1 week ago
oh well guess you never looked at the Sony Xperia 1...

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