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The Most Insane Workstation + Gaming Setup
   Unbox Therapy
  Published: 2 months ago


Samsung CHG90 Monitor -

The Samsung CHG90 is the widest monitor I've ever seen. It's 49-inches of widescreen immersion. In this video I mount the Samsung CHG90 onto a futuristic gaming chair to create the ultimate experience. Is the CHG90 the ultimate gaming display?


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
What game would you play on a setup like this?

2 hours ago

8 hours ago
Its good but the keybord is blocking ur dick so u cant jerk off

10 hours ago
what is that chair thing???

12 hours ago
Who could dislike this Lou is like my favorite technology person if you hate him you must have issues cool unbox therapy

13 hours ago

13 hours ago
now play minecraft on it.

14 hours ago
I actually have that

20 hours ago
what kind of music is this?

21 hours ago
Good. Now your biggest achivement is getting out

21 hours ago
Yo this is awesome WHAT!?

24 hours ago
Man, I’d like to play Witcher 3 on this setup.

1 day ago
nice vedio

1 day ago
subscirbe to my channel guys. i am new here help me out. thanks 😊

1 day ago
subscirbe to my channel guys. i am new here help me out. thanks 😊

1 day ago
subscirbe to my channel guys. i am new here help me out. thanks 😊

1 day ago

1 day ago
Do you have a link for that Game setup up? If I had that setup I could get rid of my old one and get a new one setup up for my future videos and livestreams please send a link for the chair/game setup!!!!!

1 day ago
Think they got to overboard

1 day ago
I Would play gta

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