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  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
MaShaaAllah.. beautiful recitation...may I please know the name of the person who recited this?!

5 days ago
Masha Allah 😍😍😍

2 weeks ago
Wallahi just now i was reciting the same surah same ruku.
May Allah forgive muslim ummah.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Everyone report "tea for 2" as hate speech please and don't reply to the kafir troll. Kuffar are lower than pigs and apes, we are Muslims far above him. Let him be miserable alone.

2 weeks ago
Darkness live in me but always find the light of the truth.

2 weeks ago
worrying about the dunya is a darkness in the heart, while worrying about the akhirah is the light in the heart"

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Allahu akbar ❤️

2 weeks ago
Nurun Alla Nur - Allah's Hijab Is Light Upon Light. May We Be The Ones That Get to See Allah's Face Behind The Veil In Jannatul Firdous. ❤

2 weeks ago
In order to lead you out of the depths of darkness into the light, it is he who blesses you 😭😭💖💖

2 weeks ago
When Muhammad first saw the entity in the cave he knew it was evil it shoved him three times against the wall only evil entitys do that sort of thing 😨 what sort of Allah would say to murder those who leave Islam 🚩 heylel haylal (halal) are both names of Lucifer 😨 morning star is another name for Lucifer the deceiver lie deceive to advance Islam 🚩

2 weeks ago
insha Allah

2 weeks ago
Missing omar hisham's new recitations

2 weeks ago
May Allah swt lighten our paths to the way of jannah.

2 weeks ago
Omar hisham al arabi
what a legend

2 weeks ago
Who’s exited for Ramadan 🙋‍♀️

2 weeks ago
MashaAllah, sehr schön💞

2 weeks ago
God is greater!

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