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We're Hiring Again! Camera operators, editors, writers, and more!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Fill out the form to apply!

Submit Your Creative Ideas here:

Floatplane Developer application form:

Floatplane Infrastructure application form:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 hours ago
Nowhere near qualified to any of those positions but I can sure help build your employee lounge as long as I can show up and play with you guys whenever lol

14 hours ago
Do you need game tester for overseas ?

16 hours ago
Y'all need people that can properly mount TVs. Lol. I die everytime y'all try to get one on the wall

16 hours ago
Can you guys hire animators?

18 hours ago
I have the skills for both the Grip and the Video Editor/Camera Operator (currently in college for Cinematography), but live 3,300 miles away. FeelsBadMan.

1 day ago
Page 1 of 16, damn it, wanted to read the rest of the pages without filling the form first... Well... I'm screwed anyway:
"Are you currently legally eligible to work in Canada?" Probably not.
"Are you able to commute to Surrey, BC, Canada (Floatplane Media)?" From Sweden? Probably not... -_-
"not plan to work for an employer who, on a regular basis, offers striptease, erotic dance... etc..." Linus, you gotta stop taking your shirt off lmao

2 days ago
Will you be moving your facilitys to Iowa anytime in the near future?

2 days ago
I'd love to work for you, but Switzerland is a bit far to commute.

2 days ago
Would love to be the part time video/editor, but I’m in college in Wales!

2 days ago
You guys need any software developers? - From South Africa, would love to

2 days ago
The writer form was lacking for what I had in mind... How about you pay independent writers per accepted piece published into a released episode, maybe even with a small long term royalty based on views. I want to be a writer, but I live in the US and despite hating Trump, I'm not moving. :)

3 days ago
RHEL is Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Linux.

4 days ago
Any open source guys cringe at his pronunciation of the Linux side of things?

4 days ago
i legit use the term hippie libtard everyday

4 days ago
Linus you are a hippie libtard

4 days ago
interesting - not such a happy place at ltt. just look at linus, he performs like a ADHD-lion on camera - I can't imagine how he is as a ceo: work overnight with minimum wage

5 days ago
Can you guys open a satellite office in the Bay Area? I'll grab your coffee/tea every morning!

5 days ago
Just watching cuz I'm curious, I have literally none of these skills and I don't even live in Canada

5 days ago
Now I wished I lived in Canada

5 days ago
I don't think anyone got fired, I think hes just looking to expand.

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