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Will You Die As A Muslim? ᴴᴰ - Powerful Reminder
  Published: 4 years ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 months ago
don't love anything more than allah

4 months ago
"Did you then think that We created you in vain, and that you would not be returned to us?"
(Quran 23/115)

9 months ago
May Allah forbid the believers from AthabulQabri

10 months ago
Powerful message :)

4 years ago
This is scary Allahu Akbar

4 years ago
Please change the audio. ( it does make the lecture more emotional

4 years ago
Yes we die as muslims when we blow up the kafar

4 years ago
watch brothers and sisters

4 years ago
Allahu akbar
May allah swt make us among those who utter the shahadah

4 years ago
Thanks again for this reminder :)

4 years ago
SubhanAllah, truly an eye opener. May Allah give us all the ability to die with his name upon our tongue Ameen.

4 years ago
Very true brother..cannot estimate IMAAN just by appearance but rather whats between Allah(swt) and us. May Allah(swt) give us right path and don't let us go astray.

4 years ago
Manshallah May Allah make us the ones that die with the Kalima la illaha ilallah Muhammad rasool Allah ameen ya Allah!

4 years ago
Masha Allah.....May Allah(SWT) will forgive  all our sins and grant us Al Jannah.....Ameen

4 years ago
The speaker?

4 years ago
Jazakom Allah khair for the speech, but the background woman humming was actually really annoying and distracting. Please next time use another nasheed that is not so annoying or use no nasheeds at all. May Allah accept from us all and make us die being pleased with us and give us the kalimah at the time of Death, Ameen

4 years ago
May Allah Subhan Grant us All Jannah.


4 years ago
I feel the need to be reconnected & stay connected to this message of Islam.
I just can't die not being Muslim. Any suggestions brother?

4 years ago
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