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NEW HOST? - WAN Show May.11 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:02:15 - Google Duplex
00:14:47 - Boston Dynamics
00:23:28 - Nine Inch Nails will not sell tickets online for upcoming tour
00:36:50 - James's stabbing
00:41:58 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky
00:43:40 - Sponsor: Spektrum Glasses
00:45:34 - Sponsor: Freshbooks
00:47:48 - Nintendo Switch Online
00:54:40 - Games from Space
00:57:15 - Qualcomm making a smart watch chip
01:10:45 - TechLinked / Riley
01:17:18 - Scrap Yard Wars season 7
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
Wearing shades inside is pretty sad, but as you're a NIN fan I'll let it slide...

2 days ago
Right off the bat I don't like the dude with the stupid sunglasses. He must have put them on during the intro. This is one lan show I will not be watching.

3 days ago
i played BF1 early through the Youtube channel of Bluedrake42, he was streaming the early build of the game. and i think it was a Nvidea software program he used. that enabled me to play, and by then hosting the stream on his own site, i had no stream delay at all, and thus was able to play a little bit of BF1 before it was released, and i live in the Netherlands, whilst he lives in Central USA.

3 days ago
Spot, fetch pizza.

4 days ago
best move every getting Riley he is charismatic

4 days ago
the mario down pipe noise is done by this great Japanese vocal beat boxer on you tube look up super mario and hikakin he has done lots of super advance noises for human sometimes multiple noises at same time using nose and voice tongue im not huge into beat boxing but then there is some people who take it to next level

5 days ago
I know you all think that talking about nothing is interesting. I am here to tell you it is not. What does buying tickets have to do with tech? Show started at the 53 min mark.

5 days ago
As long as it's not armored in security work.

6 days ago
52:55 It starts here. If you do not want to watch a reflection talk to you, and skip the indoor shades.

6 days ago
I wish I could buy the dog, I became disable recently (2y and 8 months ago) and my life changed in a really awful way.
That dog could help disable like me to get a part of his life back again, I talk about simple things like shopping, and other duties that I cannot do anymore; it's painful see your limitations in other people doing normal actions, the dog could reduce the distance between limitations and normality :(

6 days ago
Change the name to The Weekly Analysis & News/Gossip Show and you can be the WANG Show! Send Ted Nuggent a few techie pieces and he'd probably let you use Wango Tango as the theme!

7 days ago
Can we get Barret Murdock too, Linus?

1 week ago
Netlinked was a great format. IGN fix is a great example.

1 week ago
Please make Luke the host for every show.

1 week ago
Then all we need is Google Assistant (Personal) talking to Google Business Assistance (Receptionists) and its food stamps for everyone!!!! hahahaahahahahahah
Sad Really...

1 week ago
Please do a scrapyard war where you can not use anything but your fame as as tech you tubers to get parts

1 week ago
I wonder why NCIX's website is still alive and was recently updated at 05/18/2018 18:24:03. Please check it out guys

1 week ago
nintendo had no internet "service" how unorthodox and pro consumer ah well glad balance has been restored

1 week ago
After watching the Metalhead episode of Black Mirror the other day, fuck E V E R Y T H I N G about the SpotMini.

1 week ago
Honestly Tech Linked is doing better than NCIXTechTips has in its "recent" content. Most of the the NCIX videos got like 100k or less views. TechLinked is getting about 200-300k viewership per video. Plus I like the content and simplicity of TechLinked a lot more than I did NCIX.

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