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Iggy Azalea - Sally Walker (Official Music Video)
  Published: 4 months ago




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#IggyAzalea #SallyWalker #SallyWalkerChallenge

Official Music Video by Iggy Azalea - Sally Walker © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE
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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 hours ago
The girl that’s killed sally she is from rupauldragrace??

10 hours ago

10 hours ago
anyone notice how this and money by cardi b sound alike

11 hours ago
honestly I don’t like iggys song but this song slaps

12 hours ago
Who's here after Fuck It Up video ?

13 hours ago

"Didn't her mother always tell not to play in the streets!"

Followed by the line:
"Is she okay?"

13 hours ago
July 2019 🔥

13 hours ago
Somebody needs to ask James to cry at my funeral too.

14 hours ago
Anybody here because of Shea and Mayhem😂

15 hours ago
Is there not a music video out there that girls need to b shakin their buts I like the beat but the bit shaking distracts me

15 hours ago
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how she came BACK BLOWING SHIT TF UP!💯😲💪♥️😈💢💥🔥 #NewMajorFan #CardiWho😳🤣

17 hours ago
i dont know what i expected

21 hours ago
the song that STARTED it all... she really clapped back huh

23 hours ago

24 hours ago
Fuck I love u

1 day ago
Rainha do rap!

1 day ago
James Charles wow crying your going to mess up you makeup

1 day ago
So I wasent watching this video just listen to the song never heard the video version and Having PTSD From a past Car accident I got very Terrified and had a anxiety attack So thanks for no trigger warning

1 day ago

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