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WHAT WENT . . . . . WRONG? - LWIAY #0016
  Published: 1 month ago



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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
who will win??

the entire 1 billion active users on youtube (each month i'll have u know) making quality content.

one leaning chair boi

3 hours ago
Why did I’d. I

4 hours ago
This bears a striking resemblance to Comment Awards....

4 hours ago
I need some of those lights.
Careful in that chair don't bust your head open doing flips in it. That poem was great. I love your pug he's such a cutie!

6 hours ago
Do you remember this pewdiepie? "Whoa! eggman runs like a boss!"

7 hours ago
I love blue chair

7 hours ago
pews hit 60mil

9 hours ago
Slippy died? ;(

9 hours ago
still the best, improving like a fine wine.

9 hours ago
dude i love the fact that you fall ive been trying to see that forever

9 hours ago
what does lwiay stand for

11 hours ago
What does lawiy stand for

12 hours ago
what? this is stolen from Jacksfilms

13 hours ago
your intro is absolutely disgusting

16 hours ago
1:51 I almost ruined my phone because I laughed so hard that my cup of water magically fell over. Also. Same

16 hours ago
depression is a serous thing lets just look a hanging body

16 hours ago
5:38 disrespectful. Especially to my 109 hours

18 hours ago
Congratulations on 60 million subs

22 hours ago
Wait what? Slippy died? Man i missed so much this past year i only just got back into watching pewdiepie

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