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NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 1
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


RIP NCIX - press F to pay respects. Let's see what kind of deals we can score from the bankruptcy auction...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
Shed a tear as he said look at this crappy gtx 760 and I'm still running mine overclocked without any issues.

14 hours ago
Hire irene bro

1 day ago
Linus tech tips is 200x better than ncix

1 day ago

1 day ago
One day you could have a similar auction for your things in your company, so why not play a little bit nicer, instead of putting that evil smile on your former employee. For me that is a fucked up behaviour.

2 days ago
Makes you feel like a winner eh? The company is long gone, with all of it's bullshit. But you continue successful

2 days ago
This reeks of fraude

3 days ago
Lol, who searched for linuscattips

4 days ago
Scrapyard wars NCIX edition?

4 days ago
I am so sad after watching this.

4 days ago
Linus has a good voice to listen to.. should start making podcasts

5 days ago

5 days ago
I still use XP in virual box.

6 days ago
That warehouse of components is like a trip down memory lane. Oh, and I still have a Thermochill PA120.3, and it's probably one of my favorite radiators.

1 week ago
"Legacy stuff -gtx760" i'm still using 770 :<

1 week ago
Omg! Please do Linus Cat Tips!

1 week ago
I need to ask. Is Canada Asian?

Live about 3.800 miles from Canada.

2 weeks ago
I’m having a fucking nerd freak out

2 weeks ago
R.I.P. NCIX ????-2018 T_T

2 weeks ago

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