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NCIX Bankruptcy Auction - Day 1
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


RIP NCIX - press F to pay respects. Let's see what kind of deals we can score from the bankruptcy auction...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

15 hours ago
SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!

22 hours ago
it looks like they have a lot of stuff which they never used. doesn't surprise me that went bankrupt

22 hours ago
whats NCIX and what does it has to do with linus? and why does linus look kinda happy?

2 days ago
I think the chinese mafia is interested

2 days ago
Rip Irene :(

2 days ago
Linus must hire Irene!

3 days ago
This is sad. I liked NCIX and that blowhard guy that made YouTube videos, he was okay.

4 days ago
linuscattips now has 185k subs

5 days ago
Please my channel subscribe

5 days ago
Good video

5 days ago
man I feel sorry for a local pc builder gone bankruptcy like this!!

5 days ago

6 days ago
meh... lol

6 days ago
please help me build a new gaming pc that can stream as my pc is not up to stands its like 3 years old and its hard for me to get help to get my new one built its so slow my current pc :(

6 days ago
I just saw this video and learned NCIX went bankrupt. FML I always bought my PC components from them :( At least Newegg still exists...

1 week ago
does it seem like the computer industry, has become the phone/tablet market?

1 week ago
Newegg and Amazon was too much competition.. (I never mentioned Tigerdirect because they suck.)

1 week ago
we're at about 185k subscribers on linus cat tips already (:

1 week ago

2 weeks ago
"Must've been, I dont know checks watch a month or two ago"

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