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Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Arrested At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY
  Published: 1 week ago


A Louisiana teacher who questioned a school superintendent’s salary raise was removed from a school board meeting, then handcuffed, and the incident was caught on camera. In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Tammy Leitner, Deyshia Hargrave says it’s “sad” that it took a woman being forcibly removed from a meeting to get people engaged. She says her students who saw the video were “fine, so I’m fine.”

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Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Handcuffed At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY
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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 minutes ago
A $30,000 dollar raise ?

14 hours ago

14 hours ago

18 hours ago
That RENTACOP needs to be arrested for assault

22 hours ago
don't worry... He will also meet his maker someday....

1 day ago
Why hasn't that marshal been identified? Fontana called him in, but was he instructed to arrest her?

1 day ago
What a bunch of balogna

1 day ago
If you even say the word "union" in St Charles Public Schools in Louisiana, you are fired.  Unions in that parish are illegal.  These out of the way parishes don't consider themselves part of the United States and get away with everything.  When I tried to get an investigative reporter to help me, they literally said "This is waaaaay out of my area."  He didn't want to drive all the way down there even once to investigate because it was so far from New Orleans.  Most teachers had to commute back and forth to there for years. These are the small corrupt towns that you would see on 80s shows like "The A-Team" where there is no justice and people have to call the A Team for help.

1 day ago
I've been a teacher for 25 years in Louisiana in different systems.  I've been through Everything.  People have no idea how we are treated.  I hope this video will finally bring attention to the broken and corrupt school system.  The raise issue is just the tip of the iceberg.  Our union is a joke.  We are worked to death and blamed for everything.  We are forced to change grades to graduate illiterate thugs.  We have been stripped of any power after our tenure was taken away years ago.  We can't punish or fail anyone.  They don't suspend the students anymore.  Now all they do this "Restorative" crap.  As a result, the students are out of control.   There are barely any career teachers's a revolving door of Teach for America kids who leave in a couple of years after their student debts have been paid off.  I am still in this business only because I will be retiring soon with a pension, but not many people make it as long as I have.

1 day ago
If this brave teacher had not gotten this media attention, she would have faced charges and would have been fired.  I'm a veteran teacher and have seen it happen to me and many, many others.  They just give you some bad BS evaluations and then fire you.  There is absolutely nothing that you can do.  I tried lawyers, media, union, one would help me.  My fellow teachers just took it and moved on because they don't have the money or the time to fight. Administrators, superintendents, board members, and the freaking secretary of education should have the SAME salary as teachers and be required to teach at least one class.  Most of these idiots have taught for a couple of years or have never taught at all.  They are worthless.  They do nothing except force us to implement their ridiculous policies and subject us to insane evaluation systems like COMPASS..  We have a huge teacher shortage so why not put these people in the classroom so we can see just how well they teach.  They wouldn't last a MINUTE in a classroom.

1 day ago
St Charles Parish Public Schools and Plaquemines Parish Public Schools treat teachers the same way or worse.  I'm a veteran teacher who has worked there and have seen it for myself.  Hopefully the media investigates them.

1 day ago
That sorry excuse for a superintendent and that jack booted thug with a badge should be fired immediately. They violated that woman's constitutional rights. Plain and simple. Bring back vigilante lynching in the city square.

2 days ago

2 days ago
I hope he and his entire family gets a beating.

2 days ago
It's a sad day in America when freedom of speech is no longer an American citizens right. How dare that principal make this about him and his family, he should be ashamed of himself. We want our children to respect the teachers but yet we can't seem to show them respect as adults.

2 days ago
Boo Hoo....Mr. Super.....Boo Hoo....

2 days ago
What a Natzi woman hating pervet of boys...

2 days ago
if You want a Pay rise run for school board !!!

3 days ago
$30,000 dollar raise for the superintendent, while teachers are not being given a raise....are overworked and not recognized ! The teachers should all go on strike in support!

3 days ago
He cries because he needs a victim mask. In real life, the man is heartless.

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