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Corsair's Coolest Case and Biggest PSU EVER!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 9 months ago


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The Obsidian 500D and AX1600i from Corsair are DEFINITELY going to be hot items for 2018... Let's check 'em out.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
So did the other case ever make it to market

4 weeks ago
Well this was a useless video, was hoping for a review of that case :(

3 months ago
Any news about that ducking 500d se? I'm still waiting....

4 months ago
damn linus you guessed that price of the rgb case spot on...

5 months ago
Just going through some CES shit with Computex coming. I love how Linus just moves stuff where he wants it and tears things up. LMAO I'm looking forward to the Computex coverage.

5 months ago
pretty sure the SE got killed off, zero word from corsair since CES and the forums are full of angry people and corsair still won't even say a word about it

5 months ago
The se version is awesome
Not so much for the rainbow colors but that you can change the color from red white and blue any time

6 months ago
Am going to bust

7 months ago
Still waiting for the SE to release. Girlfriend is swooning over this case.

7 months ago
will there be a white version of the case ?

7 months ago
for me the first case looks better, I kinda hate the big fans appearing on the front

7 months ago
this case is ok for atx mother boards but you are shagged if you have a eatx  mother board why does this company and many more only cater for atx mother boards why not do it for all sizes then you have a choice

8 months ago
wow ese chasis full pro

8 months ago
Gawd I hope they release the SE.  I love it...

8 months ago
Lol biggest psu is the superflower 2000watt unless they do a 5000watt 5000watt the 2000watt is the biggest you can get unless you have a server that needs around 5000watts lol

8 months ago
Corsair as a brand is shit. Their customer service is horrible so buy at your own risk. My new rig is filled with corsair products so hear me out if you want just ignore this if you don't.

I bought a LNP 3 months ago and 1 LED strip failed on me. I asked them to replace it and the rma process was approved but they told me I had to send the entire LNP package back which would cost me 25 bucks from where I'm staying. I asked them if they could just do me a favor and send me 1 led strip to save the shipping since i gave them videos of the strip and all the proof. Their response was basically tough luck pal. 25 bucks for the shipping to replace a single LED strip when a new full set will cost me only just over twice that.

I was considering to buy a K95 platinum just before the LED shat out on me. Good thing it did before I spent the near 200 bucks on the keyboard.

9 months ago
Nice Video!!!

9 months ago
hi guys im still new with such a dense technology and just bought myself an alienware 17 for work purposes. i noticed that the fans occasionally shuts down. is that normal for the laptop?

9 months ago
What about review of the new mirrored 570X, it has compared to its previous models vertical GPU mount too and USB type-C. its pretty much updated model of the normal 570X. I would like to see review of it since no one in youtube did video about it.

9 months ago
The real question is what is it's efficiency not at full load. You can optimize switch mode power supplies for efficiency at some operating point, but generally as you stray away from that you move away from that efficiency peak. Unless you're mining or doing some other task that keeps your usage near 100%, I'd rather opt for a power supply optimized at the 50% mark.
Also note, it would only trip your '120 Volt' breaker only if you have a 15 A circuit. Though if you do run this PSU on a 15 A circuit, the wattage usage shown in the video is 14.45 A... so if you use anything else on the same circuit, including your monitor, you're still likely to trip your 15 A circuit breaker.

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