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Lower your heating bill... with GAMING
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 weeks ago


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Does it make ANY sense to harness the heat energy that your PC disperses to replace a purpose-built space heater?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

30 minutes ago
Seriously? They quote the law of thermodynamics and then talk about kinetics of fans? Physics doesn't work that way. The kinetic energy in fans consists of transients only. Meaning, when you first heat up your fan, some of the energy is being converted to kinetic energy and some to heat... Once it's up to speed, all the energy is converted into heat (via friction with the air and at the joints) and when you spin down your fan, guess where that energy goes... back into heat. So from the time you turn your fan on to when you turn it off, all the energy gets converted to heat. Not just some of it. All of it.

6 hours ago
Bro the way you talk is wack😂

13 hours ago
gordan freeman?

22 hours ago
your videos is kinda boring .not saying its trash but boring

1 day ago
Just use an old GTX 480. You'll see better room temp figures with that

1 day ago
Clean it and redo it. That was a fail. I really am curious how well it is capable of working

1 day ago
This video was so much "cooler" than its' title gave credit.

2 days ago
My old gaming laptop heated the area around it (about a 5ft radius) by 10 degrees.

2 days ago
Great now I just need another one to coole my room in the sommer.

2 days ago
direct air heating is more effective btw

2 days ago
Would have loved if you would have bought a new radiator and retried this experiment.

2 days ago
I like how he said collage drop out material but it's really 6th grade.

2 days ago
Please revisit this with a new or cleaner radiator. I loved this video.

2 days ago
I used to own a pc with an AMD HD4870, in a room that was around 30m3, when gaming in about an hour, the room temperature used to rise by 5 deg cel

2 days ago
just eat a gas station burrito and a giant pickle. as youre gaming, the heat wafts upwards...

2 days ago
Won't kinetic energy (generated by fans) and light energy eventually become heat if the room is closed?

2 days ago
You don't need a big water cooling set up to do this. Any setup, water or otherwise will have the exact same effect in a confined environment.

2 days ago
Only Linus would be pumping liquid shit through his pc

2 days ago
Yeah having replaced a radiator in my house it's one of the nastiest jobs I've done

2 days ago
You had to clean it with Coca-Cola

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