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Lower your heating bill... with GAMING
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


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Does it make ANY sense to harness the heat energy that your PC disperses to replace a purpose-built space heater?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 hours ago
My ps4 heats the whole house and turns into a helicopter when i use it

14 hours ago
This is the second time I've watched this and the way Linus dramatically says "Our graphics card is thermal throttling" (7:09) still fucking floored me.

19 hours ago
Anu cheeki breeki iv damke!

1 day ago
take the radiator to a machine shop that has extrude honing functionality and that will clean all gunk completely out and smooth all inner surfaces.

2 days ago
Linus plumbing tech tips

2 days ago
As a plumber I find this very amusing

4 days ago
2:40, Have you ever been to JAMAICA? That is not behind my house. Awaiting your answer for possible unsubscription....

5 days ago
My old amd fx processor, now that is a space heater.

My new vega 64 lc get's the room toasty in 30 min when gaming.

5 days ago
You should see how hot 4 1080 Tis get in a single mid tower case. Yes of course it was a mining rig. Yes of course my grandparents got super mad when they went downstairs and the entire basement was 90 degrees Fahrenheit

6 days ago
I don't understand this at all. The PC was making heat before you added the radiator. The only thing that is making more heat here is the water pump. The kinetic Energy of fans (and the air that they push) just become heat btw.

1 week ago
When I watercooled I quickly found out 140mm radiators were not enough to cool the CPU/GPU/NB/HD loop.
I omitted the radiator and dropped the pump into a tub of water INSIDE A FREEZER in the hall, running tubing through the wall. It settled at 10C 🙂

1 week ago
The only problem is Heating radiators are sized according to the room and based on something like Delta t50 (room temperature 22c/ flow temperature 72c) so it would either take days to heat up on cold days or you would need a massive radiator. Or you could try a more modern low water content radiator. What am I talking about! As if you would even do this!!!

1 week ago
As a Radiator, I find this Jamaican

1 week ago
You should have used a car radiator, it would be way more efficient than that stupid thing, which im pretty sure is meant for steam...

1 week ago
I had a GTX 970 and a FX 8350, which I overclocked to 4.7ghz. It headed my room

1 week ago
do it again but with a brand new small radiator

1 week ago
You didn't have to do all that... just leave computer case open while playing games.

1 week ago
Hilarious that theres some people who think U save on heating with gaming PC heat

1 week ago
At 2:18 and I'm like: "This is a terrible idea, right?"
3:11 : "Right?!"
4:20: "Right?!?!?!?!"
7:35: "Right."

1 week ago
This would maybe be a good idea with “whole room water cooling“

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