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Lower your heating bill... with GAMING
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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Does it make ANY sense to harness the heat energy that your PC disperses to replace a purpose-built space heater?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
Thats why should never mix copper and aluminium

8 hours ago
2:47 that is racist !! linus saying it like it is .

19 hours ago
\/ My heating

/ Our Heating

Soiuz nerushimyj respublik svobodnykh splotila naveki Velikaia Rus...

20 hours ago
Teflon isn't a thread sealant. Teflon isn't a thread sealant. Teflon isn't a god damn thread sealant FFS.

Teflon tape is a thread lubricant. It's designed to make pipes easier to thread together, not to make the threads water tight.

Go get some pipe dope (pipe thread sealant paste) and stop being dumb about plumbing. Teflon tape is used in gasket-sealed applications like shower heads and toilet hoses, not for joining threaded pipes together.

22 hours ago
500 watts is 500 watts, no matter what you use for cooling, it is always creating 500 watts/per hour of "waste heat". That is also the hidden cost... Running your Air Conditioner to compensate for the power you use, in addition to the electric bill for using the power itself.

It is better to have a system that runs with only 100-watts, for daily use, than it is to use a 1600-watt gaming PC for doing normal stuff. Perhaps one day, they will make dual-op devices. CPU's that run at 1/10th power, until needed. Screens that have an ultra-low power mode at 1/2 resolution and frame-rate. Power-supplies that divert to a 99% efficient ultra-low power mode, because at low power they are more than 50% inefficient. Etc...

Or people wisen-up and use net-books or windows tablets for normal computing, and gaming computers only for gaming. (Apple and android OS's are horrible at power management.)

When you produce the same results with less heat, that is being more efficient. That is the difference between having two old video cards to get 60 FPS, or one new card, is about 50% less power. (Most notable in rendering, where the price of the cards is almost irrelevant, if it saves you 90% in lower electric bills to run 24/7/365.)

1 day ago
R9 290 is a space heater on it's own lol

2 days ago
4:29, man I hate minor substantial leaks...

2 days ago
4:42, weird looking Crowbar...

2 days ago
Wattage used should be equal to watts of heat produced, more or less. Therby 500 watt computer should funtion like a 500 watt heater.

The kinetic and light energy will eventually be absorbed by surfaces and turned into heat too.

2 days ago
To be fair I was thinking about this for loooong time. As my room has disconnected waterheater similar to one in this video (just... longer) that is attached to wall and in winter time with my awful windows (uh I mean. The solid soviet quality windows). I rarely have more than 5*c higher temperature than ambient outside.
Now I know it would require way too much of my budget to even clean up that heater xD

But if I could get that to work... I'd probably have to sell that heat, because it would quickly turn into closed cycle of 70*C in the room and under the heatsink.

2 days ago
TRY AGAIN. Buy a new radiator!

2 days ago
Hook it to a new immersion tank, ommit the heater and have that as a pre heater feeding your boiler for HW

2 days ago
you know you could use a new one just saying

2 days ago
Cool radiator idea, too bad it was difficult to clean out.

3 days ago
lower your heating bill...raise your electricity bill

3 days ago
Intel печка

4 days ago
I have those same pair of work gloves

4 days ago
That radiator is probably older than Linus' grandpa.

4 days ago
and why cut wholes in the case if you didn't even put the sidepanel back on haha?

5 days ago
more crap like this :D

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