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Windows Now Comes with Linux - WAN Show May 10, 2019
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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Podcast Download:

Timestamps: (Courtesy of Matthew Potato)

0:00 WAN Show late again
0:06 Linus building his dream teenager PC
1:23 stream issues
2:20 intro
3:13 more stream issues
4:58 Microsoft shipping full Linux kernel within Windows 10
9:13 Minecraft with ray tracing
13:33 AMD Ryzen 3000 series rumors
19:56 Linus story time about non-techie family members
26:28 everything is technology
28:38 Linus has autism?
30:16 SPONSOR: Ridge Wallet - What's in Linus and Luke's wallet?
39:03 SPONSOR: Honey
40:22 SPONSOR: Madrinas Coffee - Lots of talk about The Roast
48:08 LTT merch
49:36 brief mention of Google IO, Android Q, Pixel 3a, Google Maps AR
51:00 random stuff
55:53 LTX - editing den, tickets, creators
57:32 super chats
59:00 PayPal being buttheads
1:00:10 back to super chats
1:02:20 Floatplane stuff
1:06:16 BOINC Pentathlon
1:07:00 sudden ending (RIP outro)
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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago

16 hours ago
Let me cut a show remotely ... And I gaurantee you I can cut a show in an hour. No probs.

1 day ago
@ Luke Google VOICE DUH

1 day ago
i have recently been diagnosed with aspergers and it explained so much about me.

1 day ago
The thing with the older generation and tech has nothing to do with "Its similar ENOUGH" or that they cant learn new things, it has to do with them feeling uncomfortable and stupid if they dont understand something that they feel they are forced to understand. Just because there are Android phones which are basically iphone clones, your nan might not want to stray away from iPhone due to the fact that she has learnt a behaviour and can expect her phone to behave in a, to her, predictable way.

I work at a government installation here in Sweden and a part of my job has to do with helping the elderly adapt to the increasingly techy future we're all inching towards.
Most of the time the person im talking to is too afraid to break what they see as a delicate and VERY expensive thing they dont really understand.
There is a lot of pride (they should know this as they are old and often much wiser than us younger folk), fear (becoming older and realising that they dont work as well anymore and they know what they have coming) etc mixed into all of this.

The old cliché pertaining to old people wishing everything is as it was, has a lot of merit to it. Just give them something similar to what THEY are used to, not what YOU think is simple or similiar Enough.

2 days ago
9:56 no it wasn't Digital Foundry it was Sonic Ether

2 days ago
Luke was a poor kid like me. Yay

2 days ago
Also the Minecraft portion is proof that Linus doesn't know how to play a game that doesn't hold your hand

2 days ago
If you want to have Ray-tracing in Minecraft, you can also donate to SEUS's Patreon to get the shaders (or download them via illicit means). I'm currently waiting for when a free version is released

2 days ago
Why not give your aunt an iPhone 8?

2 days ago
@Luke: the solution for your "second phone number" problem is to get a dual-SIM phone; you can assign per-SIM ringtone and notification sound. Now, you CAN'T control the volume on a per-SIM basis, but you CAN set a really loud (or otherwise really distinctive) ringtone for the Floatplane SIM.

2 days ago
LAN party live playing minecraft with shaders? (i recommend Default Improved texturepack)

2 days ago
I want to hear about Luke's story...

2 days ago
So what is going on with PayPal? You couldn't have been more useless there.

2 days ago
That wallet is fucking retarded. So where am I supposed to keep my coins? And it's so fucking expensive.

2 days ago
16 core Ryzen 3000 series has been rumoured since December. Have you been living under a rock?

3 days ago
Hmm. Just checked on my non-Samsung (it's an Asus Zenfone 4) Android phone, and in Sound settings I can de-link Ringtone and Notifications volume (though they default to linked). Don't know if this helps any.

3 days ago
Linxu is now built into Windows, and I STILL have no use for Linux.

3 days ago
0:13 You still look like one, Linus. I don't know why. 🤨

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