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Fortnite is bigger than PUBG - WAN Show Mar. 9 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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Timestamps Courtesy of Jesse Ferguson 1

2:00 - Intro
2:35 - Linus Cat Tips passes 100k subscribers
8:45 - NCIX Tech Tips Silver Play Button Controversy
14:25 - LinusTechTips and the future of NCIX Tech Tips
28:15 - Sponsor: Squarespace
29:33 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky
31:37 - Sponsor: Freshbooks
32:40 - LTX18 Ad
34:07 - Floatplane News/Releases
36:55 - Floatplane Hiring
39:06 - A robot created to be a hamburger chef
45:58 - Newegg customers in Connecticut were not charged sale taxes.
52:09 - McAfee acquires VPN company TunnelBear
54:45 - Coffee Lake reportedly working on modded 100/200 series motherboards
1:00:10 - Fortnite watched more on Twitch over PUBG
1:05:25 - A drone crashes in Arizona and causes a wildfire
1:07:08 - Rhode Island proposing a bill for ISP's to block pornography unless you pay a fee
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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 hours ago
No? PUBG is bigger than Fortnite.

5 days ago
I find this 'show' quite relaxing to listen to. I have no idea what you're talking about most of the time, but nonetheless it is enjoyable.

6 days ago
I rarely do it but I just have to put it here, was watching some old videos of yours due to randomization and the video JUST before this one was and then you have the "holy balls!" tshirt, hehehe

1 month ago
Did you switch it on at the back.

1 month ago
Linus the earrings really look gay.

1 month ago
What drugs do you guys do

2 months ago
How about neither. These games are killing shooters just spawning more and more worthless battle royale games.

2 months ago
Lol, Linus does not even know how to use the wayback machine... XD

2 months ago
Oh God the four year olds have overrun us all

2 months ago
When you file your federal taxes, it literally asks you if you made any online purchases where you weren't paid tax at the time of purchase. Seems pretty straight-forward to me?

2 months ago
The Rhode Island would most likely be declared unconstitutional if taken to the Supreme Court.

2 months ago
DENNIS on the WAN show Please !! it would be hillarius !!! the "FAN" Show

2 months ago
Fortnite´s tick rate is just as shit as PUBg! It was a tick rate of 8 at the beginning of games!

2 months ago
fyi, despise luke saying barely at 24:20. Considering AMD has 7nm planned for 2019 while your precious intel god has been dabbling at 14nm+++++ or w/e generation they're on

2 months ago
nice video ... I didn't know Way Back Machine was a thing..
It is interesting looking at the evolution of the Apple Website over the years. I imagine the Microsoft evolution is as interesting..

2 months ago
theres a movie called stolen from suburbia on the human trafficking subject,

2 months ago
Curcuit City got purchased by tiger direct... From my understanding tiger dropped it and now CC wants to reopen by it sounds like the original people want to redo as some online thing

2 months ago
Dude I think what Linus did was amazing fuck the people who pissed on him... Seriously he did win it and was going to give it up man

3 months ago
Yes, there are more children on this plaint who play video games, so it's no wonder why more pussies are playing that child's game.

3 months ago
Fortnite Battle Royale mode is free and that's why it has so many players. Yes is fun for many and runs well but the cartoon look and building aspect is not for everyone.
PUBG has issues yes, but let's not forget the game has been out for a year only and is a deeper and more complex game than Fortnite. PUBG is still breaking records being the most popular game on steam with over 2.2 millions users simultaneously and the most played game in South Korea for 20 weeks beating the king League of Legends.

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