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Fortnite is bigger than PUBG - WAN Show Mar. 9 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Timestamps Courtesy of Jesse Ferguson 1

2:00 - Intro
2:35 - Linus Cat Tips passes 100k subscribers
8:45 - NCIX Tech Tips Silver Play Button Controversy
14:25 - LinusTechTips and the future of NCIX Tech Tips
28:15 - Sponsor: Squarespace
29:33 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky
31:37 - Sponsor: Freshbooks
32:40 - LTX18 Ad
34:07 - Floatplane News/Releases
36:55 - Floatplane Hiring
39:06 - A robot created to be a hamburger chef
45:58 - Newegg customers in Connecticut were not charged sale taxes.
52:09 - McAfee acquires VPN company TunnelBear
54:45 - Coffee Lake reportedly working on modded 100/200 series motherboards
1:00:10 - Fortnite watched more on Twitch over PUBG
1:05:25 - A drone crashes in Arizona and causes a wildfire
1:07:08 - Rhode Island proposing a bill for ISP's to block pornography unless you pay a fee
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
Isnt that what lootcrate is? lol.

10 hours ago
I like this podcast. But too much ads.

22 hours ago
Furthermore, Why should i ever have to pay a STATE tax for something I bought OUTSIDE OF THAT STATE?

22 hours ago
lol why they fuck would I be responsible to collect the tax? fuck them. They should have gotten with the company that violated the tax code, not the customer who had no idea.

22 hours ago
why do you need a servo arm to cook burgers? why not just build a conveyor oven or something fed by a 'buger hopper'? seems like they are overcomplicating things to me trying to bring robotics into it when older mass manufacturing methods could suffice?

1 day ago
Canada Computer's website isn't so much better.
Yup, since 2006. I had a hard time managing laptop stocks on the site (I was the product manager for laptops in CC)

2 days ago

2 days ago
Lol I live in connecticut and the sales tax thing happened to me too

2 days ago
Why is Linus never listening when Luke talks??!

3 days ago
I mean, the McAfee purchase kind of harkens back to what you were talking about re possibly buying NCIX. McAfee had a shit branding for security, becoming almost synonymous with pre-installed malware, and then they were bought out by Intel. Same company, different management, but the existing reputation still casts a shadow on how we see them buying Tunnel Bear.

3 days ago
I use a VPN for my porn anyway so idc

3 days ago
Ok so apparently I can't use tunnelbear anymore

3 days ago
the lack of reinvestment for improvement in the original pubg game is typical of bluehole. they did the same with TERA and have put very little into improving the game since its release back in early 2012.

3 days ago
you can't compare a Free game vs a 30.00 game, apples to oranges

3 days ago
I'm kind of out the loop. What has been / is the connection between NCIX and Linus?

3 days ago
Lets say you pay sales tax and then you return the item. How do you get your sales tax back?

3 days ago

4 days ago
That Boston dynamics dog is just like that episode of Black Mirror. S04E05

4 days ago
I legitimately did not know about Way Back Machine.

Wow, thats a blast. I spent WAY Too much time on Retro Newegg

4 days ago
re Newegg: in my state you're supposed to pay sales tax on items purchased through interstate commerce including via internet. If the vendor doesn't collect our sales tax, the consumer is supposed to self-report at the end of the year how much they bought online and send the state their sales tax cut. IDK how many people know about it, but ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you're caught not paying your sales tax you can be fined. AFAIK the state has never done a mass-mailing like CT.

PS that Twich Chat person was referring to "use" tax, not "U.S." tax. It does matter, a lot. #LukeWasWrong
"Use tax is assessed upon tangible personal property and taxable services purchased by a resident or entity doing business in the taxing state upon the use, storage, enjoyment or consumption of the good or service, regardless of origin of the purchase."

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