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The Roast of Linus Sebastian
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


The Roast of Linus Sebastian, fueled by Madrinas Coffee. Introducing a limited time offer of LTT’s Exclusive Vanilla Cold Brew from Madrinas Coffee. Get yours today at and use code LINUS to get 40% off today!

Enter the giveaway on our landing page for a chance to win an LTT Cold Brew 6-pack and a bag of the Lambo Micro Roast.

Get the new Linus Tech Tips Roast Tee at

Thanks to The Black Tux for hooking us up with suits for this event. Use code LINUS15 for $15 off orders at

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
That was better than I expected, I watched the whole thing, I did not intend to at first, but it was so funny

26 minutes ago

32 minutes ago
Really Bad Crowd! Freaking Crickets.

1 hour ago
WoW, the Ho was baaad ass,,,

1 hour ago

3 hours ago
Linus can get loud, a little overbearing, and somewhat annoying at times. But you know what? He took this all in good fun. He gets a free pass.

3 hours ago
That was verry good!!!

4 hours ago
Best wasted 1 and half hour in my life.

5 hours ago
Damn this was so awesome!! Hilarious roasts and it was so sweet at the same time!

6 hours ago
This was the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life. I couldn't/wouldn't watch the whole thing.

7 hours ago
Should've had a surprise encore with Colton

9 hours ago
If people ever roast me i will sit there and smile and afterwards hunt them all down and kill them and their families in the slowest, most painful way ever, before i continue smiling again.

10 hours ago
wtf am I seriously watching ?

10 hours ago
Wow, it was a real roast! how you are going back to normal after this one?!

10 hours ago
how healthy is this?

11 hours ago
how much you want to bet there will never be a part 2 to this

13 hours ago
Since when did linus tech tips was a Tv show?

13 hours ago
Wait how and where did this happen?

14 hours ago
this was way then the rost of gene Simmons and Donald trump.

17 hours ago
Best part was his wife. And she's gonna kill him at home.

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