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$800 for a GREAT gaming laptop? - Acer Nitro 5 Showcase
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 9 months ago


Thanks to Acer for sponsoring this video! Check out their Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop on Best Buy at

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
I know a better laptop for gaming! ASUS TUF FX504GD-E4081. You should see this one... It is way better than this ''gaming'' laptop!

5 hours ago
No thank you I rather buy an ps4 and a Nintendo switch for this price

11 hours ago
Playing a 7 year old game on a 2 year old pc lol.

17 hours ago
you persuaded me to get this laptop :)

22 hours ago
I’m confused I thought it was 800 $ but I found it new for 600 $ I know it’s the same computer but why is it 600 $

24 hours ago

It's $799.99!

1 day ago
Woaahhh i want one!!! 😢

1 day ago
hey im watching this on a nitro 5

2 days ago
I got this laptop for Xmas in 2018

2 days ago
Is it vr ready

2 days ago
I'm looking for a new laptop like this, thanks for the help!

2 days ago
Its 1,000.89$...

2 days ago
Bruh in every store I’ve been into its always been 1000€

2 days ago
Need new pc

3 days ago
I have the exact laptop and got it for 400$ from Costco

3 days ago
How does he have about 90 fps in fortnite with medium settings. And why can't I get more than 40 fps on the lowest settings

3 days ago
im watching this cause i might win this laptop at

3 days ago
I have the same Mouse in laptop omg

3 days ago
I’m getting this gaming laptop if I get all good grades in school

3 days ago
Can someone tell me what the external drive does and how much they cost

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