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  Published: 4 years ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago

4 days ago
You are blpddy bustard

5 days ago
Thus is true but u shouldn't make it dis way.

5 days ago
4:04😂😂😂 👌
It's true

6 days ago
4:23 Lol what

1 week ago
Things not to do is let youngsters laugh during salah and not rebuking them.

1 week ago
Tight clothes & trans parent &
& attracting opposite sex clothes & tight jeans & tigth & short shirts & in complete clothes means which parts should cover but r not is also Haram for both first men& then women. It is mentioned in Quran. Bhai showing body for both men & women is also Haram. U were showing ur biceps it is Haram bcz it attracts women ur attracting women. Wear modest clothes.

1 week ago
Bros & sis u all becoming muftis & scholars & making ur own Islam. Stop this. Stop judging as They said. Don't judge a book by it cover . They r not dressing like girls. They were wearing man clothes. They one wearing Arabic dress which man wear I think called dasha & Arabic head scarf which Arabic man wear. Other were wearing jeans & shirt which usually man wear & about colour scarf then does not make women appearance . If it is so then first scholars and muftis rejected it. It is not Haram. Don't be Haram police. They r educating & this is not disrespect of Muslims & Masjids & Islam. Infact it shows that Islam is a peaceful & freedom of speech in a limit religion & it is a relax & funny in limit religion. They r seems to be nice persons. There intention seem to be not wrong. Especially they can't do with this girls. The it would a disrespect & she becomes an object if she wears makeup & tigth dress.They have to do this girls part to educate or sis. Allah forgive them & us. Ameen

2 weeks ago
Masalah your teaching us

2 weeks ago
How was the chicken Muslim

2 weeks ago
Subahana Allah

2 weeks ago
4:03😂😂 Chicken was Muslim before dying 😂

2 weeks ago
very funny and very informative, keep it up guys

3 weeks ago
Sorry to be real but I've been offered food in the masjid that was purchased from a non halal butcher. You can't expect every muslim has knowledge of all islamic principles

3 weeks ago
big joke the mosque/masjid? a funny place.

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
What..the. What did I watch GAGAGAGAGA

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
Ha ha ha really funny nice one brothers 😂😂😂

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