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  Published: 6 months ago


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3 months ago

5 months ago
I am opposing my parents for such types of thinking....
But l am sure that l will be succeed in winning their hearts....

6 months ago
It's society making it difficult because they want big mehars halls house and what people will say this that so haram relationship becomes easy

6 months ago
Oh my god click on the link to see the video about haram relationships and YouTube Put at the top of the list text your ex-boyfriend this tonight and get him back see how hard they satan trying to get people to go the wrong way! 😂😂😂

6 months ago
May Allah guide us

6 months ago
Only muslim in my school, only non muslim friends with girlfriends, and iam trying to not commit zina with no possible marriage for years to come. I need help guys

6 months ago
⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ lol can you all from the depths of your heart sincerely make dua that I grow 5 inches or more this year. thank you ☺️ . ( whoever makes dua for me, may Allah bless them with happiness & joy & forgive their sins.)

6 months ago
A lot of teenagers end up having a lot of girlfriends and boyfriends - imagine getting them married, they’d divorce very quickly - rather teach them how bad the act is and how to avoid it.

6 months ago
I am not in any Haram relationship and will not be in the future Insa ALLAH.

6 months ago
One doubt ....what if a child fall into this trap ...will Allah forgive him ? Yes indeed ..but that shameness ...if every relatives and people came to know about it ....will Allah hide that ? What if that shameness spread around ...and can Allah make them to forget about that ??..I M not questioning the Lord of the world ...but just my doubt ..

6 months ago
Assalam O Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Hi Barakatuh Sir ! nice reminder once again, and Ma Sha ALLAH Mufti Menk saying, "Everytime Your making something halal difficult Your actually making the haram easy", soo true it is , a small sentence with a lot of lessons , Jazak ALLAH Khair for such a nice video and May ALLAH guide and succeed all of us both in this world and the hereafter , Ameen Ya Rab Al Alameen ! 😀

6 months ago
Is it necessary to get married at teenage

6 months ago
May Allah bless them

6 months ago
Try telling muslims in U.S that. They not marrying no one if they dont have a degree, job and a house.

6 months ago
Being married at teenage is like some huge shock to people nowadays

6 months ago
It's not about the parents right now to me.. it is that i'm in love with a shia, meanwhile i'm sunni. So we can't even get married cuz i'm with my beliefs and he's with his.. what should i do??

6 months ago
Alhamdulilah 😊😊
Proud to be a muslim

6 months ago
Indeed parents make it hard but there is nothing we can do it will upset them.😔 May Allah make our parents heart soft. Ameen

6 months ago
YEs ....I agRee hAs bEcoM tHe mosT coMMoN siN nowAdAys....
YA ALLAH pRoTecT uS fRm eVeRy siN....giVe uS tHe HigHesT pLacE iN JANNAH....

6 months ago
Parents are the cause

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