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Gaming on the iMac Pro - How bad can it be?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 9 months ago


Despite its "pro" marketing, the iMac Pro still has a Vega 56 inside - Can it possibly hope to drive that beautiful 5K display? And can we do better?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

23 hours ago
Just thought about it: how about run Linux in it…? Elementary Juno seems to be the perfect choice (and I'll do it in my own Mac this very weekend :D )

23 hours ago
1) I was going to say something along the lines of 'use the same OS' then the video goes on and you do, thanks and kudos!
2) Never liked the Apple's mouse either but yes you can adapt. Should you? I don't know to be honest I bought one that came with a trackpad by mistake aaand… I loved it won't ever come back so that could be an option too IMO;
3) YES do make a video about the cooling please!! I would love to see how it performs with different thermal paste (not liquid metal something more feasible) plus I would be really into some modding that could be done realistically without 'hurting' either the looks or the hardware (obviously). In my experience some extra copper shims go a long way in Apple laptops but never done it on Apple desktops so there's that - and whatever else somebody might come up with as well…

3 days ago
It’s not a correct comparison. The CPU in the iMac Pro is a server CPU, intel xeon... designed to run 24/7 For example. If you want to compare prices for example, you’d need the exact setup. Like include the display, mouse, and keyboard of the same quality, not just the motherboard & its stuff. I don’t advocate that the iMac Pro is the best machine, but bitch please, try to do a professional comparison, without misleading the non-technical folks.

3 days ago
not bad

1 week ago
i have a 2015 macbook pro that was expensive enough, but i wouldnt dream of buying an imac or a newer macbook pro. one day ill buy a tricked out PC though

2 weeks ago
i'm up for a deeper dive in imac cooling

2 weeks ago
Apple is the pinnacle of everything. Apple mouse = best mouse evar.

2 weeks ago
I'm a PC guy, but, isn't it kind of unfair for the Imac pro in these tests? (Because of the 5k resolution?) Can the Imac pro be reduced to 4k res? And, if so, did you do that for the Bench test?

2 weeks ago
I cannot understand anything linus

2 weeks ago
Make vedio on msi gs65 vs macbook 2018

2 weeks ago
any pc at the same pricepoint as a mac would be better at probably anything. i have a friend who has mac and everyone in his famaly also does. my pc was more than half the price and was so much better.

2 weeks ago
What is name of that game @ 5:50 . Nostalgic, unable to remember.

2 weeks ago
Mac is for gay people and girls, tbh people only get them to attract females

2 weeks ago
Uses windows on apple computer

2 weeks ago
Which one has faster rendering, mac or pc? Please export same video project on both imac and pc .....

2 weeks ago
Well when I play games on it it runs pretty smooth

3 weeks ago
The best way to game on a iMac pro is to take the iMac pro..chuck it in the trash...and build yourself a pc for half the price and twice as better.

3 weeks ago
the ending made me laugh lol

3 weeks ago
iMac pro 2017 is super good for Fortnite well custom

3 weeks ago
with 5.000 pc you can build one that plays for you

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