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This Changes RGB Forever
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Thanks to CORSAIR for sponsoring this CES 2019 content!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 minutes ago
we are going to get to the point where we buy GPUS that we only use to manage our RGB setups

4 hours ago
Imagine youre a fan of corsair and they shoffle 10k leds up your ass. But Linus sounds quite excited, I do'nt understand.

7 hours ago
That's basically Retina RGB

8 hours ago
Just ordered two mice

8 hours ago
It looks like green screen

10 hours ago
Are complaints about RGB tax a thing yet (like complaints about pink tax are)?

18 hours ago
from the thumbnail I thought it was gonna be rgb m.2. Thank god thats not what it was.

19 hours ago
Just one question: How many millions did they pay you to make this over the top home shopping stile commercial?

20 hours ago
stuff for kidz... next put them in servers to make server rooms looks cooler...stupid stuff.

23 hours ago
I only watched this to see with captions to see if auto generated caption actually spelled corsair wrong. And it did. "coursera"

23 hours ago
I clicked this thinking it was a new way to improve component cables lmao

1 day ago
Wait, where's the link for the mouse?

1 day ago
What do you think is in an OLED Panel?
Wait, is it possible that these LEDs are even smaller? :O
Wow, I didn't know they excist in a different size than the cheapest ones straight from aliexpress!!!

1 day ago
It's the same, but different, but still the same.

1 day ago
But why?

1 day ago
man, you look like Brann Dailor, Mastodon's drummer

1 day ago
I don't understand this RGB bullshit. Why would anyone need this crap?

1 day ago
I still do not understand why lashy lights are so important.
I just care for the performance. And the extra lights are just extra wasted power consumption to me.

2 days ago
Pretty soon you'll have a monitor worth of LEDs in your PC. You might be better off just strapping a 4k monitor to the side of your case.

2 days ago
The reinvention of a vintage time when neon signs coloured our World.

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