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Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web
   The Infographics Show
  Published: 3 weeks ago


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Last one in our dark web series! Here are the reasons why you should just stay off of the Dark Web and never visit these websites!




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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 weeks ago
Last one in our dark web / hacking series! Back to regular stuff after this! Later today, we have What could you buy with the US Military Defense Budget!!

17 minutes ago
Ok so the Dark web is a no go. What about the deep web? Its just for sites that can't be searched right? Not necessarily bad. Also what about Cicada3301? For some of their puzzles you had to go to tne dark web i think. I think in the case with Cicada3301 its ok as long as you stick to just that and don't go lurking around.

45 minutes ago
Its a scam people

52 minutes ago
Is it easy to rip off people dumb enough to purchase untraceable and illicit substances on the internet..?

58 minutes ago
There is a site that as soon as you go on it and in some cases even mention its name. You go the Fbi watchlist.

1 hour ago
Lol got a VPN ad.

1 hour ago
Once i purchased a credit card info to purchase a macbook and i got $1800 at just $100

1 hour ago
This video was sponsored by tor.

1 hour ago
So the Internet police do exist

1 hour ago
Just said dont go to the dark web and then u sponsor some thing that is used for the dark web....

2 hours ago
This entire video is a commerical.

2 hours ago
No love

3 hours ago
Hey, I have a site on there!

3 hours ago
Yea yea show this to a metal head

3 hours ago
Please, I first used the dark web when I was 11 it’s really nothing scary.

3 hours ago
Wht is the dark web

3 hours ago
Its simple: If you're old enough and have decent knowledge about the internet use TOR.
If not go back to facebook.

4 hours ago
how did me watching the s10 ad came to here?

4 hours ago
I get in to dark web....No really one spider makes really dark web....
I don't what is this? Please eneyone tell me wtf is this?!

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