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Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech N9ne 04:14

Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech N9ne

My first world tour! Tickets: Stream this song: ...

Published 3 weeks ago • Views: 4,066,480

Token - No Service (Official Music Video) 03:58

Token - No Service (Official Music Video)

World Tour Tickets & Merch - Stream the New Project ...

Published 1 month ago • Views: 1,413,776

Token - Still Believe in Heroes 04:32

Token - Still Believe in Heroes

Token "Still Believe In Heroes" Official Music Video Merch for this song - IG - @tokenhiphop Snap - tokenhiphop Buy ...

Published 11 months ago • Views: 1,870,807

Token - Little Boy 04:12

Token - Little Boy

U.S, Europe Tour and Brand New Merch - Stream - Buy, if you're cool.

Published 1 year ago • Views: 3,158,251

Token - Exception 00:05

Token - Exception

Lyrics, merch, and tour dates on Support this song - I'll be giving...

Published 2 years ago • Views: 9,135,208


Joined 3 years ago | 2016-07-25...

“I was sitting in my first period precalculus class. I checked my phone and thought I was seeing things. The video had gotten 7,000 views the night before and was up to 100K by the morning. I almost fell out of my chair.” Needless to say, precalc was a wrap for the day. The video for “No Sucka MCs” earned 17-year-old wunderkind Token his first real burn on the rap blogs. Littered with timely, toothy, subliminal lyrics like “Until the XXL cover will set it up / I’m a junior now, I’ll f*** a freshman up,” the track catapulted Token from provincial problem to national nuisance. Originally submitted to an online rap competition –one of several Token ended up winning– the song has amassed 1.6 million views on YouTube. It was this track that prompted another Massachusetts native who’d gotten his start rhyming, superstar Mark Wahlberg, to take to Twitter and proclaim Token his new favorite rapper. “No Sucka MCs” also prompted iconic hip-hop tastemaker Sway Calloway to invite Token to spit



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