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1/2 base*height explained/proved. 01:46

1/2 base*height explained/proved.

1/2 base* height explained! a simple easy to understand explanation.

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Ghats of Varanasi-Documentary 2017 02:59

Ghats of Varanasi-Documentary 2017

Shot by Aryansh Mishra and Jai Kapoor Edited by Aryansh Mishra Thanks to Aditya Agarwal for the Tripod.

Published 4 weeks ago • Views: 51

Rohingya Crisis - Project For Awesome 2017 #P4A2017 01:14

Rohingya Crisis - Project For Awesome 2017 #P4A2017

You can donate at any of the three places- United Nation's Refugee Agency- UNICEF-

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Randomly with Aryansh Mishra


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